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The week in pictures (May 19-25)

Post Report 25 May 07:30 PM

We bring you some of the best photos from May 19 to May 25 taken by our photographers. Read Full Story »

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ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Saturday, May 25

Post Report 25 May 07:30 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (May 25, 2019). Read Full Story »

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Anish Thapa and Bishworupa Budha win Kantipur Half-Marathon 2019

Post Report 25 May 01:29 PM

Anish Thapa Magar and Bishworupa Budha won the Kantipur Half-Marathon in men and women categories, respectively, on Saturday.Read Full Story »

On schooling, class and basic divisions

Ayushma Regmi 25 May 08:00 AM

Can we revisit schools as a space to rebuild communities? Read Full Story »

Bhandari looks to capitalise on playing Indian League

Post Report 25 May 07:54 AM

'As football is a team game, I learnt more about team spirit and team work playing with Sethu.' Read Full Story »


25 May 07:51 AM

Films Read Full Story »

Binod Ghimire 25 May 07:26 AM

Human rights committee chair says he will also work for revising Media Council Bill Read Full Story »

Prime Minister Oli to visit Switzerland, UK and France next month

Anil Giri 25 May 07:18 AM

Officials say the prime minister will, among other things, sign bilateral agreements during his visit Read Full Story »

Sabyn Javeri’s ‘Hijabistan’ interrogates many shades of hijab

Fathima M 25 May 07:00 AM

Stories of oppression of desires and life choices of women and their valiant fights to break the chains of Pakistan’s patriarchal society Read Full Story »

Traffic police book over 10,000 errant taxi drivers in five months

Anup Ojha 25 May 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Prithvi Man Shrestha 25 May 06:30 AM

Seven provinces can raise Rs 8.76 billion each and 754 local units can raise Rs 9.57 billion, according to the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission. Read Full Story »

'We don’t need another decade to put the country on the path of progress’

Mohan Guragain 25 May 06:30 AM

Read Full Story »

Three Pakistani nationals arrested with millions of Indian currency

Nayak Paudel 24 May 08:25 PM

The money was being smuggled to Yunus Ansari, a seasoned convict in counterfeiting and smuggling currency   Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Friday, May 24

Post Report 24 May 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (May 24, 2019).Read Full Story »


24 May 07:36 AM

Films Read Full Story »

Under-prepared pitch forces postponement of PM Cup matches in Mulpani

Adarsha Dhakal 24 May 07:30 AM

Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for May 24, 2019

24 May 07:15 AM

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Prithvi Man Shrestha 24 May 07:00 AM

Authorities amend public procurement regulation to discourage limited competition Read Full Story »

The government needs to allocate more funding towards the education sector

24 May 07:00 AM

Since many poor and marginalised families rely on their children as a source of supplementary income, the immediate opportunity costs associated make the families reluctant to let these kids attend schools. Read Full Story »

Arjun Poudel 24 May 06:30 AM

Along with social stigma, there is also a lack of specialists and facilities for people suffering from mental problems Read Full Story »

Thamel’s Bismillah Halal is tiny and without frills, but its meat asserts its authority

Hantakali 24 May 06:30 AM

Despite being located in Thamel, the Bismillah Halal Restaurant is an escape from chaotic Kathmandu—it transports you to a world of its own. Read Full Story »

Despite assurances from expeditions and government, a ‘traffic jam’ on Everest kills climbers again

Sangam Prasain 23 May 07:54 PM

Though a fixed climbing timetable was supposed to reduce overcrowding on Everest, climbers were forced to wait for hours on the ascent and descent. Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Thursday, May 23

Post Report 23 May 07:04 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (May 23, 2019).Read Full Story »

Media Council Bill is against the spirit of constitution, editors say in a joint statement

Post Report 23 May 06:02 PM

Editors of national dailies and online portals said the bill, which is in currently in Parliament, aims to curtail full press freedom, which is guaranteed by the constitution. Read Full Story »

Foreign Ministry urges US envoy to ‘step back’ from a planned social media interaction

Anil Giri 23 May 07:30 AM

Citing diplomatic norms and practices, the foreign secretary has asked Randy Berry to refrain from the planned programme Read Full Story »

South Asia has made progress in education enrolment but quality remains a challenge

Binod Ghimire 23 May 06:30 AM

There are more girls than boys in the school system in most of the countries in the region, including Nepal, according to reports Read Full Story »

‘We may have been a weak opposition last year; we need to learn from our mistakes’

Avasna Pandey 23 May 06:30 AM

No matter what differences we have within the party on various issues, the entire party is united when it comes to fighting against an autocratic system: Shekhar Koirala Read Full Story »

Brief Candle is as burlesque as it is tragic

Kurchi Dasgupta 23 May 06:30 AM

Read Full Story »

23 May 06:30 AM

Nepali Congress has decided to form a shadow government with its own cabinet that will parallel that of the ruling party. With this move, it seems like the Nepali Congress has finally woken up from its deep slumber and is ready to take on the government. Read Full Story »

Sri Lankan Udumalagala shines in Times' convincing victory

Adarsha Dhakal 23 May 06:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Bhandari-inspired Sethu clinch Indian League title

Sports Bureau 22 May 08:25 PM

The 23-year old Nepali girl made huge impact in all seven matches she played, scored in six of them. Read Full Story »

In a new record, over 200 climbers summit Everest in a single day

Sangam Prasain 22 May 07:40 PM

The longest single-day weather window in recorded history saw 250 mountaineers vying for the top of the world. Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Wednesday, May 22

Post Report 22 May 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (May 22, 2019).Read Full Story »

Oli makes yet another remark that contradicts the spirit of federalism

Binod Ghimire 22 May 06:30 AM

Local government representatives demand that either the statute be amended or such comments need to stop Read Full Story »

Here’s how Muslims in Kathmandu feast during Ramadan

Alisha Sijapati 22 May 06:30 AM

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink during daylight hours, but once the sun is down feasts await them Read Full Story »

Mann Gurung explores transition of indigenous culture in a new exhibition

Rose Singh 22 May 06:30 AM

His paintings explore the juxtaposition between a rapidly modernising world and the culture and traditions of the past Read Full Story »

Nayak Paudel 22 May 06:30 AM

Detainees are accused of posting contents that police say are deemed ‘indecent’ Read Full Story »

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