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Bangladesh building fire kills at least 70, toll could climb

Reuters 21 Feb 01:06 PM

A fast-moving fire killed at least 78 when it swept through a historic district of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka.Read Full Story »


21 Feb 09:04 AM

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Here is your horoscope for February 21, 2019

21 Feb 08:17 AM

Get ready for the view to improve and your energy to increase. This will create perfect conditions for launching your latest adventure or work project. Learn when to distance yourself from aggravating people. Remember, you can always rely on yourself. Read Full Story »

21 Feb 07:13 AM

Corrupt officials get to resign and go scot-free, fuelling impunity Read Full Story »

New Information Technology bill could kill innovation in Nepal, experts warn

Bhrikuti Rai 20 Feb 09:12 PM

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Dilliram Khatiwada 20 Feb 07:51 PM

Two persons including the driver died in a tractor accident at Bahrakilometre Mode in Triyuga Municipality-10 of Gaighat-Saune road section, Udayapur on Wednesday. Read Full Story »

Proposed National Muslim Commission Chairman Ansari has two birth dates

Sanjaya Lama 20 Feb 05:43 PM

The Parliamentary Hearing Committee has started an investigation into Samim Miya Ansari, the chairman nominee of the National Muslim Commission.  Read Full Story »

Culprit(s) involved in rape and murder of Nirmala Pant will be booked: PM

Arjun Shah 20 Feb 04:31 PM

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the Nirmala Pant rape and murder case has tarnished the image of Nepal at the international level. Read Full Story »

TU Assistant Dean accused of making ‘sexual advances at female student’ suspended

Post Report 20 Feb 03:41 PM

An emergency meeting of the Executive Council of Tribhuvan University has suspended Baubalal Sah, Assistant Dean at the Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University, for allegedly misbehaving with a female student. Read Full Story »


20 Feb 08:30 AM

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Here is your horoscope for February 20, 2019

20 Feb 08:29 AM

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20 Feb 07:10 AM

Usually vociferous unions are keeping mum on harassment Read Full Story »

Sonu Nigam admitted to Norvic hospital

Post Report 19 Feb 08:12 PM

Popular Indian singer Sonu Nigam has been admitted to the Kathmandu-based Norvic Hospital after he complained of back pain on Tuesday.Read Full Story »

One arrested in connection to rape, murder of 11-year-old girl

Santosh Singh 19 Feb 02:38 PM

Police on Monday arrested a person for allegedly raping, murdering and burning the dead body of an 11-year-old girl in Dhanusa.Read Full Story »

Drive off in a Nissan Kicks for Rs4.79m

Post Report 19 Feb 12:50 PM

Pioneer Moto Corp, the authorised distributor of Nissan in Nepal, launched its much-awaited intelligent SUV—the new Nissan Kicks—in the Nepali market on Monday. Read Full Story »

Three-member panel to probe Pathak corruption case

Prithvi Man Shrestha 19 Feb 11:58 AM

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Justice Deepak Raj Joshee resigns

Post Report 19 Feb 11:41 AM

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19 Feb 08:58 AM

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Here is your horoscope for February 19, 2019

19 Feb 08:54 AM

A lot of information will be coming at you rapidly today—and it will probably be related to computers or other types of technology. Adjusting to new ways of doing things is usually easy for you, but right now you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Read Full Story »

Publisher’s note

19 Feb 07:58 AM

Kantipur Publications has now entered its 27th year. On this occasion, I would first like to extend my gratitude to our valued subscribers, readers, advertisers and well-wishers. Read Full Story »

 ‘We, as a society, have kept quiet on sexual harassment, abuse and violence so far’

Post Report 19 Feb 07:41 AM

The Kantipur Conclave on Monday held a discussion session on gender equity. Read Full Story »

The Disruptors

Post Report 19 Feb 06:00 AM

Nepali history is replete with examples of women being underestimated. They have had a limited role in political leadership and have faced significant social hurdles in asserting their identity and accessing their fundamental rights. Read Full Story »

The Feminist Memory Project

Nepal Picture Library 19 Feb 06:00 AM

The feminist movement of Nepal has a deep history but there has been no sustained effort to document the progresses and the struggles of the movement for in-depth study or public access Read Full Story »

Shattering barriers with stand-up comedy

Tsering Ngodup Lama 19 Feb 06:00 AM

In a society that still expects its women to be obedient, not opinionated, pretty, not funny, it’s easier said than done for female stand-up comics to do what they do. Read Full Story »

Second session of Kantipur Conclave begins

Post Report 18 Feb 10:59 AM

The second and final day of the first Kantipur Conclave has begun at Hotel Hyatt in Kathmandu on Monday. Read Full Story »

18 Feb 10:00 AM

Providing midday meals is a step towards curbing drop-outs in schools Read Full Story »


18 Feb 08:53 AM

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Prime Minister Oli inaugurates Kantipur Conclave

Post Report 17 Feb 04:14 PM

With the objective of holding discussions on the current economic condition of Nepal and the potential opportunities, the first Kantipur Conclave organised by Kantipur Media Group has kicked off in Kathmandu. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the two-day event at Hyatt Regency on Sunday.     Read Full Story »

 Kantipur Conclave 2019 (Live)

Post Report 17 Feb 03:37 PM

The first iteration of Kantipur Conclave has begun at Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu. The conclave organised by Kantipur Media Group brings together eminent speakers and participants from across the globe to hold a discussion on diverse issues facing Nepal, and the solutions to propel the country forward. Read Full Story »

Popular folk artist removed a song from YouTube after threats from ruling party’s youth wing

Samuel Chhetri 17 Feb 10:30 AM

Pashupati Sharma’s new song “Lootna Sake Loota Kancha” was trending at the number 10 spot in Youtube Nepal on Saturday. But less than 48 hours after it was uploaded online, the singer, who is known for his satirical take in his songs, took down the video despite an overwhelmingly positive response from listeners on social media and other platforms. Read Full Story »

Nepal’s peace came with a promise for justice—but it’s been painfully slow

Binod Ghimire 16 Feb 08:00 AM

The imminent departure of the key people in charge of investigating and recommending punitive action for crimes committed during the 10-year-long insurgency that pitted Maoist rebels against the country’s security forces has not only thrown the timeline for completion of the transitional justice process into uncertainty but also raised serious doubts about whether the government, which the Maoists are a significant part of, and the political structure are committed to delivering justice to the conflict victims. Read Full Story »

Here is your horoscope for February 16, 2019

16 Feb 07:44 AM

Retreat from the bustle and hustle. The four weeks ahead nudge you to rest; recharge your physical and mental batteries for the huge action to come late March onward. Your spiritual, intuitive side has been growing for years and will keep growing, enriching you, until 2025. Read Full Story »


16 Feb 07:42 AM

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Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy is a poignant portrait of a Mumbai slum beset by class, gender and religion divides

Shreya Paudel 16 Feb 07:00 AM

If Gully Boy is the mainstream Bollywood movie with two of the industry’s biggest actors, then one could finally say that the Indian film industry has come of age. Superstars still rule Bollywood but as is often repeated by industry insiders, nowadays, ‘the story is the king’. Read Full Story »

Kulman Ghising: The man who gave us light

Deepak Adhikari 16 Feb 06:30 AM

This is the final profile of the winners of Kantipur Icon 2018, awarded by Kantipur Foundation, the non-profit philanthropic arm of Kantipur Media Group. Kulman Ghising, the managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority, is the winner in the Business & Economy category. Read Full Story »

Nepal government’s new Information Technology bill draws battle lines against free speech

Bhrikuti Rai 15 Feb 09:30 PM

A new Information Technology bill proposed by the KP Sharma Oli administration giving sweeping powers to authorities to block social media platforms if they are not registered in Nepal has raised alarm, as rights advocates say it curtails freedom of speech online and increases surveillance of personal data. Read Full Story »

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