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  • Middle way

    Parties need to find middle ground between identity and economic viability


  • Viral threat

    Though no cases of Ebola have been detected in Nepal, the government must stay alert
  • Dilemmas and democracy

    Are the leaders of the Nepali-language minority willing to share state power with myriad others?


  • Art exhibition on Mustang

    An art exhibition at Nepal Art Council presents Mustang through the eyes of established artists...

  • Iranian filmmaker to offer workshop

    Iranian filmmaker Komeil Soheili, affiliated with the UN-funded international non-profit Journalists and Writers Foundation, is touring Nepal with...

  • Rocky road rides

    Cycling as a sport is getting bigger by the day here--especially among the members of the new generation....

  • Nepal’s first mall theatre

    August 15 saw the opening of a new theatre on the seventh floor of Kathmandu Mall. With that, it has officially become the first theatre in a...

  • Young artists at NAC

    An exhibition currently being held at Nepal Art council, Babermahal, houses a collection of paintings created by a group of young art students....