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Saarc 2014


    • Saarc to trim regional centres

      A meeting of Programming Committee held on Saturday decides to cut the number of centres to five from 11

      The 49th session of the Saarc Programming Committee takes place in Kathmandu on Saturday.

      The 49th session of the Saarc Programming Committee on Saturday decided to close down three regional centres and merge four, lowering their number to five from 11.

    • China ‘keen’ to be South Asia’s strategic partner


      With its economic, diplomatic and political clout, China is poised to be a strategic partner of South Asia, Chinese experts on Nepal and South Asian affairs have said.

    • Kathmandu awaits Delhi’s final word

      Modi’s Janakpur visit


      The proposed visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Janakpur remained uncertain as of Saturday.

  • From dawn till dusk

    NOV 21

    Our incompetent government has decided to help us all by opening some of our government offices for 12 hours a day.

  • Boutique is the new chic

    NOV 21

    It was the overall ambience of Babar Mahal Revisited that inspired the French power duo Pauline Brayda and Pauline Driard

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