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    • Bhattarai donates Rs 50,000 to Rakshya Nepal


      Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and his wife Hisila Yami donated Rs 50,000 to Rakshya Nepal, an organisation which supported Puja Bohara, a victim of rape, during her ordeal.

    • DPM Singh furious over work delays

      Directs officials to show results in a week


      Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Development Prakash Man Singh vented his rage at the ministry officials for lack progress in ministry works.

    • Consensus soon if parties wish so: Minister Rijal


      Minister for Information and Communications Minendra Rijal has said consensus on the substance of the constitution could be made within two hours if parties wish to do so.

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  • Not over yet

    Government must implement its plan to rehabilitate children affected by conflict


  • Behind the masks

    The appropriation of Nepali masks by the West has not been counterbalanced by local endeavours
  • Nuts over nothing

    Korean Airlines’ extensive revamp has lessons for Nepal’s own spotty aviation safety record
  • Bought and sold

    Nepal must work together with India to curb human trafickking
  • Elites without etiquette

    Nepal’s elites need to teach their children the value of time, significance of discipline, and importance of environment
  • Remembering the revolution

    Bairgania Conference and attacks on Birgunj and Biratnagar were turning points in the revolution against Rana autocracy

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  • Dhon Cholecha at Shilpee

    Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali, is currently staging “Dhon Cholecha”, a play by veteran playwright Satya Mohan...

  • Go Kart championship at Sanepa

    Karting is a motorsport that features small, four-wheel vehicles with very minimalistic frames. The karts race on a scaled-down...

  • Priyanka Chopra signs deal with US TV network

    Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, who has already made inroads into foreign shores with her music, has signed a one-year TV development deal with...

  • Sonakshi ready for character roles

    After mostly playing the quintessential ‘desi girl’ in big-budget commercial films, Sonakshi Sinha feels it is time for her to do more...

  • Showcasing South east Asian life

    On December 21, Spanish photojournalist Omar Havana will be doing a presentation on his photographs taken in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and...