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  • Word of caution

    Restarting the voting process could have detrimental, unpredictable consequences


  • Years of writing

    When I look back, I find my columns polemic, especially after the failure of the first Constituent Assembly
  • Lull before a storm

    The silence that greeted the missed constitution deadline could be a sign of turmoil to come

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  • Manthan’15 at Basantapur

    Manthan, one of India’s biggest annual street play festivals, will be held at Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu, on March 7 from 4:45 pm...

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  • Workshop brings stones to life

    Prastar Murti-rachana Karyashala, Rupantaran--2071, a half-month-long sculpture workshop, recently came to a close in Kirangunj,...

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  • On the road less travelled

    Pashupati Sharma is not an unknown name for people who are familiar with contemporary Nepali folk music, for he has provided dohori lovers—living...

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  • Grime begone

    To be honest, I would rather be riding my motorcycle than washing it. But after a long week of riding, it can be fun bringing your bike back to...

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  • Art experiences

    Converstations on Art, a talk programme involving a group of contemporary Nepali artists in which they talked about their experiences as art viewers...

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