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Students compeleld to


OCT 15 - The student wing of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has violated the rights of school children by depriving them of their very freedom of choice. In Jhapa, Morang and the adjacent districts, for instance, children cannot choose their schools. They are depriving them of their inherent right to freedom of choice. It is the Maoists, especially their student wing, that decides which school is fit for the children. But by doing this, the Maoists are not gaining anything. They are instead poisoning the innocent minds of children and arousing a feeling of hatred towards the Maoist movement, which has cost heavy toll on the lives of the people. Now the Maoists are forcefully withdrawing the school children from private schools and forcing them to enroll in government schools, much against the wishes of the children. Irrespective of the jobs and positions held by their parents, innocent children cannot be punished simply because of their parents. Sacred to death, some parents, especially teachers of public schools, have already started sending their kids to the public schools. But their children clearly dislike to change their schools. The Maoists can never win over the future generation and the community of parents and teachers if they continue to savagely violate one’s freedom of choice. Nisan Sapkota Baneshwor, KathmanduPosted on: 2003-10-14 08:58

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By Abin

So it's for the victims? I thought the 'relief' material should go into my pocket!


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