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Entertainment News

Coma staged again
KATHMANDU, JAN 25 â€�? The play Coma--A Political Sex was Shilpee Theatre’s debut drama when it was performed to inaugurate the Gothale...

Jacqueline’s Hindi improved after working with Salman
MUMBAI, JAN 25 �? Sri Lankan origin actress Jacqueline Fernandez, who dubbed her own dialogues in Hindi in Kick opposite Salman...

Book on healthy living launched
KATHMANDU, JAN 25 �? Jiwan Jiune Kaida, a book about healthy living by Jiwan Kumar Prasai, was released on Saturday during a programme at...

New documentary dedicated to Robin
PARK CITY, JAN 25 �? Does the best comedy come from pain? And does that mean comedians are the most miserable people of...

Remembering the Holocaust
KATHMANDU, JAN 25 â€�? Alliance Française de Kathmandu, Tripureshwor, will be organising a Holocaust Memorial Day Seminar beginning from...

Akshay not humourless in Baby
MUMBAI, JAN 23 �? Akshay Kumar, who has featured in comic roles in films like Entertainment and The Shaukeens, will not appear...