Investors are not tourists

Foreign investment cannot be attracted simply by holding a year-long...

Exchange Rates

The exchange rates are fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank as of [2015-02-28]:
US Dollar (1.00) 98.64 99.24
Euro (1.00) 110.81 111.49
Pound Sterling (1.00) 152.06 152.98

Stock Exchange

Below is provided the summary of the stock exchange as of [2015-02-28]     Total Traded Amount Rs. 402,292,151.00 Total Traded Share Rs. 989,090.00 Total Transactions Rs. 3,132.00
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Nepali auto market has potential to grow

Suman Bashyal of The Kathmandu Post caught up with Oommen to talk about Tata’s performance and plans for the Nepali...

as of 2015-03-14
Hallmark Gold 50,300.00
Worked Gold 50,050.00
Silver 670.00
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