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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 04:01 PM



South-South trade: The developing countries are a potential market that Nepali exporters often overlook

Like many least developed countries (LDCs), Nepal depends on the industrialized countries for most of its...

Exchange Rates

The exchange rates are fixed by Nepal Rastra Bank as of [2014-04-16]:
US Dollar (1,000.00) 96.08 96.68
Euro (1,000.00) 132.59 133.42
Pound Sterling (1,000.00) 160.67 161.68

Stock Exchange

Below is provided the summary of the stock exchange as of [2014-04-16]     Total Traded Amount Rs. 402,292,151.00 Total Traded Share Rs. 989,090.00 Total Transactions Rs. 3,132.00
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Cheap loans will hurt the economy

Anil Gyawali is the chief executive officer of Nabil Bank. He began his banking career 30 years ago by joining Nabil....

as of 2014-04-16
Hallmark Gold 54,500.00
Worked Gold 54,250.00
Silver 820.00
New Year Suppliment 2071