Australia wants clear U.N. rules on extended searches after MH370

Australia, which has led a nearly year-long hunt for a missing Malaysian airliner, wants the United Nations' aviation agency to issue clear guidelines


Thai junta tries to curb dissent and keep good terms with US

When Thailand's military junta sensed it was being criticized this week, the country's rulers reacted as they always do: by issuing stern warnings and summoning those responsible for talks


IS hostage drama shows change in propaganda technique

The latest Islamic State hostage drama involving a veteran Japanese war correspondent and a young Jordanian pilot marks the first time the group has publicly demanded prisoner releases.


MH370: Malaysia declares flight disappearance an accident

The Malaysian government has officially declared the disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight MH370 an accident and says there were no survivors.


Islamic State's Egypt wing claims attacks that killed 27-official Twitter

Islamic State's Egypt wing claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed at least 27 on Thursday in some of the worst anti-state violence in months.


Japan, Jordan working closely on fate of captive Japanese journalist

Japan was working closely with Jordan on Friday to find out what was happening to a Japanese journalist held by Islamic State militants.


North Korea 'demanded $10 billion in cash and food' for summit with South

North Korea demanded $10 billion in cash and half a million tons of food in 2009 as a precondition of holding a summit with the South, former South Korean president Lee Myung-bak said


Egyptian poet goes on trial accused of contempt of Islam

A prominent Egyptian poet could face up to three years in jail over a Facebook post in which she criticized the slaughter of animals at a Muslim festival


Treasure hunter who found a fortune in gold is captured

A treasure hunter accused of cheating his investors out of their share of one of the richest hauls in U.S. history — $50 million in gold bars and coins from a 19th-century shipwreck

French co-pilot flying AirAsia jet before crash-investigators

The French first officer of an AirAsia passenger jet that crashed into the sea last month was at the controls just prior to the accident, Indonesia's lead investigator said on Thursday.

Malaysia Air site hacked by group claiming support for IS

The website of Malaysia Airlines was hacked Monday by a group that proclaimed support for the militant Islamic State group and also vowed to release data stolen from the site.

Afghan economic crisis looms as foreign aid dollars depart

Afghanistan's fragile economy has lost around a third of its value in the past year as international aid organizations that poured in cash for more than a decade have drastically scaled back

Miss Colombia crowned Miss Universe in Miami

Miss Colombia Paulina Vega, a relative pageant newcomer, has been crowned Miss Universe, beating out first runner-up Miss USA Nia Sanchez and contestants from more than 80 other countries

IS claims it executed Japanese hostage

The Islamic State group has said it executed one of two Japanese hostages it has been holding, in an apparent beheading that has been slammed by leaders around the world.


Thailand warns U.S. to mind its own business over politics

Thailand warned the United States against meddling in its political affairs saying many Thais had been hurt by the remarks of a visiting U.S. envoy who took a swipe at the military junta.

Communist cadres in Tibet punished for helping Dalai Lama

Investigators found 15 Communist Party officials in Tibet joined Tibetan independence organizations, provided intelligence to Dalai Lama & participated in activities harmful to China.

Israel military says its airstrikes target Syrian army posts

The Israeli military says it has struck Syrian army artillery posts in response to rockets that landed the previous day in the Israeli-held Golan Heights.

In parting shot, Obama prods India on religious freedom

U.S. President Barack Obama weighed in on one of India's most sensitive topics as he wound up a visit on Tuesday, making a plea for freedom of religion to be upheld.

Obama ends day of Indian pageantry with $4 billion pledge

U.S. President Barack Obama ended a landmark day in India with a pledge of $4 billion in investments and loans, seeking to release what he called the "untapped potential" of a business.

Obama looks to build toward policy breakthroughs with India

President Barack Obama opened a three-day visit to India aimed at turning his personal chemistry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi into progress on the climate change, defense and economics.


Record numbers evacuated in Malaysia's worst floods in decades

More than 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes by authorities in five northern states of Malaysia hit by the Southeast Asian' nation's worst monsoon floods in decades.

3 killed in Sri Lanka floods and mudslides

Three people died and more than 60,000 had to be evacuated to safer locations due to floods and mudslides caused by heavy rains around Sri Lanka, officials said Tuesday.

Hawaii lava on course to hit gas station, stores

Lava from a volcano on Hawaii's Big Island is on course to reach a shopping center with a gas station and a supermarket in seven to 10 days, officials said.

Indonesia rescuers use earth-movers in landslide rescue as toll rises to 24

Indonesian rescuers on Sunday used heavy-lifting equipment for the first time to clear roads leading to the site of a landslide that destroyed a village and killed at least 24 people.

Philippine typhoon weakens but leaves 21 dead

Typhoon Hagupit weakened into a tropical storm Monday, leaving at least 21 people dead and forcing more than a million people into shelters but sparing most of a central Philippine region.

Philippine typhoon weakens to a storm; 3 dead

Typhoon Hagupit weakened into a storm Monday after it left at least three people dead and sent more than a million others into shelters.


Mystery kidney killer spreads fear in Sri Lanka

Most of the 1,000 villagers have come here on foot and have stood for hours under the hot sun — not because they feel sick, but out of fear.

Ebola toll in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia reaches 6,583: WHO

The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in the three worst-hit countries in West Africa reached 6,583 as of Dec. 10, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Fifteen Indians blinded after surgery with suspected infected tools

Fifteen Indians lost their sight after a doctor used suspected infected equipment to remove cataracts at a free eye surgery camp.

Plague outbreak kills 40 people in Madagascar

A plague outbreak has killed 40 people on the island nation of Madagascar, with 119 people diagnosed with the bacterial disease since August.

Ebola death toll rises to 5,459 - WHO

The death toll in the Ebola epidemic has risen to 5,459 out of 15,351 cases identified in eight countries by the end of Nov. 18, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Family of Dallas Ebola victim reaches settlement with hospital

The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the only person to die of Ebola in the United States, said on Wednesday it had reached a settlement with the hospital that had treated him and admitted to


Sony cancels The Interview release amid threats

Sony Pictures has cancelled the planned US release on 25 December of the film The Interview, after major cinema chains decided not to screen it.

Woman sues Bill Cosby, claiming underage abuse

Bill Cosby was sued Tuesday by a Southern California woman who claims the comedian molested her in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion around 1974 when she was 15 years old.


Japan condemns new Islamic State video

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe said the latest video was "despicable". He called on Jordan to cooperate in working for Goto's quick release, but vowed Tokyo would not give in to terrorism.

Japan vows to work with Jordan to secure hostage release

Japan has vowed to work with Jordan to secure the release of a Japanese journalist held by Islamic State militants.

Abe 'speechless' after video claims IS hostage dead

Japan's prime minister said he was "speechless" after an online video purportedly showed that one of two Japanese hostages of the extremist Islamic State group had been killed.

Japan faces deadline to free Islamic State hostages

The deadline to pay ransom for two Japanese hostages of the Islamic State group was fast approaching Friday, as the mother of one of the captives appealed for her son's rescue.

Apparent IS backers hack U.S. military Twitter feed

The Twitter and YouTube accounts for the U.S. military command that oversees operations in the Middle East were hacked by people claiming to be sympathetic toward the IS militant group.

Armed French gendarmes swoop on villages in manhunt for newspaper attackers

Armed & masked anti-terrorism police swooped on northeast of Paris in a manhunt for two brothers suspected of being the Islamist gunmen who killed 12 people at a French satirical weekly.