• Ukraine's PM resigns, complicating MH17 probe

    Ukraine's PM resigns, complicating MH17 probe

    By : Ekantipur Report / Jul 25 2014

    Ukraine's prime minister resigned after his governing coalition collapsed, plunging the former Soviet state into political limbo as it struggles to quell a deadly rebellion in the east.

  • Gaza toll tops 800 as Kerry pushes humanitarian truce

    By : AFP / Jul 25 2014

    Israeli fire Friday pushed the Palestinian death toll in Gaza to above 800, as Washington pressed Israel and Hamas to agree a week-long humanitarian ceasefire.

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  • Ebola crisis in West Africa deepens; 500+ dead

    By : AP / Jul 14 2014

    Deep in the forests of southern Guinea, the first victims fell ill with high fevers. People assumed it was the perennial killer malaria and had no reason to fear touching the bodies.

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