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  • Shelling of UN school kills 15 as Gaza war rages

    By : AP / Jul 30 2014

    Israeli tank shells slammed into a crowded U.N. school Wednesday sheltering Gazans displaced by fighting, killing 15 and wounding 90 after tearing through the walls of two classrooms.

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  • Ebola crisis in West Africa deepens; 500+ dead

    By : AP / Jul 14 2014

    Deep in the forests of southern Guinea, the first victims fell ill with high fevers. People assumed it was the perennial killer malaria and had no reason to fear touching the bodies.

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  • UN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

    By : AP / Jul 28 2014

    The U.N. Security Council called for "an immediate & unconditional humanitarian cease-fire" in the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas at an emergency meeting just after midnight on Monday.

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