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Lower Mustang set for the Yartung festival
KATHMANDU, JUL 30 On the day of Janai Purnima, August 10, the settlements of Lower Mustang will wake up to the boisterous festivities of...

Tarantino geared up to direct The Hateful Eight
LOS ANGELES, JUL 30 Celebrated actor-filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has decided to go ahead with The Hateful Eight despite the fact that its...

Baterimba in Nepal
KATHMANDU, JUL 30 The Embassy of Colombia in India and The Consulate of Colombia in Nepal—on August 1—are jointly organising a...

Gaga on Bennett duet CD: Jazz comes easier vs Pop
NEW YORK, JUL 30 Lady Gaga is a bonafide pop star, but the singer says recording jazz music was easier than pop....

Make movie magic—just like that
JUL 30 What if you could make a professional-grade movie with just your handheld device?...

Nikesh’s new zindagi
JUL 29 Nikesh Khadka’s music videos have become quite popular amongst Nepali music fans....