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Cycle rally to support the rebuilding of heritage sites
KATHMANDU, JUL 05 A large contingent of Heritage Cycle Ride participants snaked its way through the streets of the cities of Kathmandu...

The Aba Hamro Palo challenge kicks off
KATHMANDU, JUL 05 Future Makers Nepal, an Edgeryders’ initiative, is organising a challenge entitled Aba Hamro...

Putting the pieces together
JUL 01 Her Story is without a doubt one of the most unusual games. It feels less like a game and more like a novella , a...

Magic for DSLR Filmmakers
JUL 01 Magic Lantern, a third-party software hack for Canon DSLRs, has many custom features that can help filmmakers enhance...

Merging many creations
KATHMANDU, JUL 01 One World Theatre is hosting the premiere of the play Waiting for Hughie in the premises of Yala Maya Kendra,...

Poetry in Dhankuta
DHANKUTA, JUL 01 Eminent poet Tulasi Diwas recited his poems during an event in Dhankuta on...