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Entertainment News

Eklavya Dristi released
KATHMANDU, APR 17 Writer Rabindra Sameer’s book of short stories titled Eklavya Dristi was published yesterday by FinePrint. The...

Nepali films at the Global Movie Fest
KATHMANDU, APR 17 Nepali actors Sunil Thapa and Pujana Pradhan will be taking part in the Global Movie Fest, which is scheduled to be...

Wholeness at Park Gallery
KATHMANDU, APR 17 The Park Gallery is hosting an exhibition of paintings titled Wholeness at its gallery premises in Pulchowk starting...

Discussing women’s issues
KATHMANDU, APR 15 Mai Hoon Hamri Bahini, an advocacy programme initiated by Hamri Bahini, is organising V-Day Kathmandu—The Vagina...

Martin Travers to work with Nepali urban artists
KATHMANDU, APR 15 The Kathmandu Contemporary Art Centre (KCAC) and the Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s Education Initiative are organising...

What to Do! Reloaded at Shilpee Theatre
KATHMANDU, APR 15 What to Do! Reloaded, a play directed by Dagmar Elgart and Ghimire Yubaraj is currently being staged at Gothale...