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Art exhibition at NAFA
KATHMANDU, JUL 22 An exhibition of art works hosted by Creative Artists of Nepal was inaugurated at the National Academy of Fine Arts...

Nepali Tara returns
KATHMANDU, JUL 22 Nepali Tara—a popular singing reality show that had been in hiatus for eight years—is being aired again, starting...

He’s still got it: Dhiraj Rai
JUL 22 Dhiraj Rai has been active in the Nepali music scene for more than two decades now....

Falling for books
JUL 21 Priti Adhikari, a former journalist with Kantipur Television, is currently pursuing her Masters’ degree in Mass...

Losing Threads
JUL 21 There are metaphors and there is poetry all the time, but never...

Indian classical vocals at NMC
KATHMANDU, JUL 20 Sangeet Praveen Nararaj Dhakal Smriti Pratisthan on Friday organised Surmandu, an Indian classical vocal recital by Dr...