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Entertainment News

Between the mainstream and the margins
APR 16 �? Aayam, a local progressive/ pop rock band, are releasing their debut album after almost a decade of creating music...

Elusive Truths
APR 16 â€�? The subjectivity of the ‘truths’ that people experience or want to believe in is the subject that famed Japanese...

A discussion on youth policy
KATHMANDU, APR 15 �? A panel discussion about the topic National Dialogue on Youth Policy in Nepal is being conducted at the Film...

For the love of native tunes
APR 15 �? Cultural critic, writer, folklorist. Satya Mohan Joshi, 94, is all of these...

APR 14 �? He had no one he could call; all his relatives lived in the village and he had no faith in his city pals. What would he...

Of images, of words
APR 14 �? Prabal Bikram Shah is a Studio Art major at the Kathmandu University Centre for Art and...