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Kandara’s crooner is back
MAR 03 If you lived through the 90s in Nepal, Hong Kong Pokhara is surely one song that you would know by...

Nepali Tara grand finale on March 6
KATHMANDU, MAR 03 The grand finale of Coca-Cola Nepali Tara 3 is set to be held on March 6 at the Army Officer’s Club,...

The academy goes to Lumbini
BHAIRAHAWA, MAR 03 The musical tour that started from Nepal Academy, Kamaladi, three months back, with the aim of spreading awareness...

Hemraj Pant Memorial Prize awarded
GHORAHI, MAR 03 The Rapti Sahitya Parishad was awarded the Hemraj Pahari Memorial Prize on March...

Suk Gurung undergoing treatment
KASKI, MAR 02 Suk Gurung, the lyricist of popular songs like Chekyo Chekyo Deurali Dada (performed by Nepathya) and Bhaitika ma...

Need to change our education system
MAR 02 Our education system doesn’t promote personal initiatives, research and creativity. All we are made to do is mug...