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Earthquake-ravaged Duguna Gadi being restored to its original form

Anish Tiwari 20 Jun 06:30 AM

After the site is complete, local unit plans to promote it as a tourist destinationRead Full Story »

As monsoon nears, open drains and uncovered manholes pose even bigger risks

Anup Ojha 20 Jun 06:30 AM

Heavy rains tend to flood the Valley’s streets, obscuring open drains and manholes from motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestriansRead Full Story »

For women riders, a bumpy road ahead

Abani Malla 20 Jun 06:30 AM

The sport is still a difficult commitment for female riders given constant family worries, especially about their security.Read Full Story »

Nepalis cannot be hoodwinked by politicians

Pramod Mishra 20 Jun 06:30 AM

The people today are literate, aware and mobile--the Oli government would do well to remember.Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Wednesday, June 19

Post Report 19 Jun 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (June 19, 2019).Read Full Story »

In biggest protest since the 2006 People’s Movement, thousands of protesters gather to oppose the Guthi Bill

Anup Ojha 19 Jun 12:42 PM

Although the government had withdrawn the bill from the National Assembly on Tuesday, protesters demanded that the bill be scrapped completely. Read Full Story »

The provincial budgets are far from being implementable

Chandan Sapkota 19 Jun 06:30 AM

They are a mere copy of the federal budget with unrealistic goals. Read Full Story »

It’s time the government legalises street vendors

19 Jun 06:30 AM

Government must adopt clear rules for responsible vending while actively enforcing against bad operators. Read Full Story »

Fire truck expedition is cancelled, Michael Kobold says

Tsering D Gurung 19 Jun 04:51 AM

In a statement posted on social media, the German watchmaker said that the project was impossible from its inception.Read Full Story »

Nepali delegation leaves for Beijing to discuss railways in pursuit of cross-border links

Anil Giri 18 Jun 07:00 AM

A deal over a detailed project report for the Kathmandu-Kerung railway is expected, before discussions with India over the Raxaul-Kathmandu railwayRead Full Story »

Mushe Ram Bista obtains citizenship certificate

Ramesh Chandra Adhikari 18 Jun 07:00 AM

He can now enjoy his ‘old age allowance’ and all other facilities provided by the government Read Full Story »

Kobold’s deadline to bring fire trucks has expired but Nepal Tourism Board says it has yet to decide on a legal response

Tsering D Gurung 18 Jun 07:00 AM

There was no official agreement to receive fire trucks because official policy prohibits accepting second-hand vehicle as donations, says Disaster Management Department Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Monday, June 17

Post Report 17 Jun 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (June 17, 2019).Read Full Story »

Lack of integrated approach mars development works

Arjun Poudel 17 Jun 07:00 AM

There has been no coordination among various government agencies when it comes to development works being carried out in the Valley Read Full Story »

Neeraj Rathi: Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty

Srizu Bajracharya 17 Jun 07:00 AM

Rathi says it was important to have a clear vision, from the beginning, to compete with the finest teas in the world Read Full Story »

ICYMI: Here are our top stories from Sunday, June 16

Post Report 16 Jun 07:00 PM

Here are some of the top stories from The Kathmandu Post (June 16, 2019).Read Full Story »

Beyond just the greetings

Blaze Neupane 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The thought of presentation came back, becoming more pressing and elemental this time Read Full Story »

Ills of the Guthi Bill

Sanyukta Shrestha 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The biggest blunder is disqualifying indigenous people from their rightful ownership of community structures.Read Full Story »

One winter morning

Shranup Tandukar 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Music and mystery

Bigyesh Nepal 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Reinventing Kathmandu with a metro

Binod L Amatya 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Read Full Story »

Police arrest mastermind of human trafficking racket

Nayak Paudel 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The 40-year-old was involved in smuggling Nepalis into Libya, promising them lucrative jobs in European countries Read Full Story »

Once trafficked to Nepal, African footballers now come willingly to play the beautiful game

Prajwal Oli 16 Jun 07:00 AM

Nepal offers better pay, decent competition and a stepping stone to greener pastures, say African players Read Full Story »

Slim chance of Supreme Court reviewing its 2015 ruling on transitional justice, a top court official says

Binod Ghimire 16 Jun 07:00 AM

The landmark verdict struck down a dozen provisions, directing government to provide no amnesty for perpetrators of serious human rights violationsRead Full Story »

12 books to read this summer

15 Jun 08:35 AM

Here’s The Kathmandu Post’s top picks to keep you company as the days grow longer.Read Full Story »

Anup Ojha 15 Jun 08:22 AM

The technology, the first of its kind, is going to be implemented in the traffic island in front of New Road gate and in an island in front of the City Hall Read Full Story »

Parliament secretariat wants to buy laptops for lawmakers. MPs say it’s misuse of state resources

Binod Ghimire 15 Jun 07:54 AM

The Finance Ministry has transferred Rs 34.40 million to procure personal computers for Members of Parliament Read Full Story »

Everything you need to know about the Guthi Bill

Arpan Shrestha 15 Jun 06:30 AM

The bill, which proposes controlling all public and private trusts, has outraged the Valley’s indigenous communityRead Full Story »

Nepal and the UAE ink deal to offer zero investment jobs to Nepali workers

Chandan Kumar Mandal 15 Jun 06:30 AM

Employers will bear all the costs and fees on behalf of workersRead Full Story »

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