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  • From ruins to a better Nepal
    Kathmandu, AUG 02

    I’d get frustrated, mad at myself for not being able to do anything for the people I met. All I could do was lend an ear, or document their stories...
  • The fragrance of gold
    AUG 02

    Even if you have to smile to hide sorrow Don’t worry, Embrace it patiently and move on It’s dark,I know But tomorrow The sun will shine Your smile will find its way throughtears ...
  • About my love
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, AUG 02

    I never thought I could feel this way, I left all my worries and swayed to life’s music....
  • Thinking like a poet
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, AUG 02

    Thinking like a poet is a whole new experience, Thinking like a poet is about not losing your temper but being patient. Thinking like a poet is never to quit, Thinking like a poet is to dive ...
  • A lawyer’s love for books
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, AUG 02

    Dipendra Jha is a Kathmandu-based advocate. He completed his Master’s degree in Human Rights from Mahidol University, Thailand and went on to achieve another in Peace and Conflict studies from the U...
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By Abin

Only loads of cash, but no DV, PR.... Looks like an honest man!


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