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  • Between a rock and a hard place
    Roshan Sedhai, APR 17

    Like everyone else in Kalikhola, an impoverished village in Korak VDC, Chitwan, inhabited predominantly by Chepangs...
  • Let there be light

    The year 2071 BS turned out to be one of the best years for Nepal’s energy sector. Not only did Nepal sign the much awaited...
  • In search of a lone crusader
    Weena Pun, APR 17

    When I was younger, but old enough to understand love and marriage, my mum used to say that we should marry into our own caste...
  • Hair strands and dark voids
    Nhooja Tuladhar, APR 17

    A visit to the Siddhartha Art Gallery in the next few days will take you on a journey to two very different worlds—the first one explores...
  • The pilgrims’ trail
    APR 17

    Earlier this year, in January, I set out with my father and his friends on a bike trip to India....
  • A city of price-tags

    Birgunj, at first glance, looks as though it was built for business. A traveller does not need to know the history of the city to reach this conclusion. ...

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