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  • Robbers gang-rape Dhanusha woman
    Shyam Sundar Shashi, Janakpur, MAR 01

    A group of robbers gang-raped a 27-year-old woman at Kshireshwarnath-7 in Dhanusha on Saturday night....
  • India to provide compensation
    KAMAL PANTHI, Gulariya, MAR 01

    The Indian government has declared that it will provide Rs 500,000 as compensation to the family of a 28-year-old mentally...
  • Continued struggle for women rights, say leaders
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, MAR 01

    Women’s issues have always been muddled among other things in the aftermath of political revolutions in the country...
  • Talks from Jan 19 deal: Pun
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, MAR 01

    UCPN (Maoist) Secretary Barshaman Pun has made it clear that his party is ready to hold talks based on the agreements forged on January 19....
  • M’sian security training in Nepal is illegal: Govt
    Roshan Sedhai, Kathmandu, MAR 01

    Malaysia’s newly-introduced scheme to provide mandatory pre-departure training for Nepali security guards is against the law...
  • Man accused of theft suffers severe abuse
    PARBAT PORTEL, Kakadbhitta, MAR 01

    A man was subjected to severe physical and mental abuse by a group of assailants after being accused of stealing buffaloes...

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