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  • ‘New airports, roads key driver for growth’
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, APR 23

    Infrastructure development, particularly construction of airports and roads, a key to drive the economy, ...
  • NTB spending less than 10pc of allotted budget
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, APR 23

    With about two and a half months left for the fiscal year to end, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has been able to spend less then 10 percent of its budget allocation for tourism promotion as a result ...
  • Bangladesh agrees to simplify visa process
    POST REPORT, Kathmandu, APR 23

    Bangladesh has agreed to simplify the process of granting visa on arrival to overland Nepali travellers at two border points, Banglabandha and Burimari....
  • Chitwan overtakes Kavre as largest milk producer

    Chitwan has overtaken Kavre as the largest producer of milk in Nepal recording a daily output of 250,000 litres and turnover of Rs10 million, the District Livestock Service Office Chitwan said. ...
  • Rice producers focus on branding, marketing
    SUMAN BASHYAL, Kathmandu, APR 23

    Increased competition from foreign brands has prompted Nepali rice manufacturers to focus on aggressive branding and effective marketing....
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