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Letter to the Editor



 From the story, it is quite apparent that Bhoomika was first murdered by strangulation and later made to look like a suicide (‘Police yet to find evidence to mark Bhoomika case a suicide’, July 5, Page 1). The father-in-law is also guilty or an accomplice in the murder. Her father has paid over $2 million as a never ending dowry (or ransom) demand. The victim’s husband, should be deported to the US.

MR Kansakar



 What is it with Indians and dowry? This is sheer madness. So much greed involved in what should be the start of a lifelong bond. What a sad way to sully the union.




 Deepak Thapa has written eloquently about the resurgence of Panchayati thought with regard to enforcing Nepali names for schools and colleges (‘Nationalist nomenclature’, July 4, Page 6). But he has missed one aspect of this insularity. Restaurants and social organisations too cannot be registered with Newari names because government officials ‘do not understand them’.

T Manandhar



 Plans look good on paper, but field conditions are different (‘Field work’, July 3, Page 6). Two small examples of hurdles which nobody is interested in removing are: for several years we have been seeking permission to import special fertilisers (which we need for our olive plantations), but are prevented from doing so by a national fertiliser policy that only allows the import of common fertilisers by registered big companies. Endless hassles, trips to Hetauda and villagers as witnesses were needed for two months to get the permission to transport the pruned branches of our own trees from our plantations to our head office in Kathmandu. Are we really interested in foreign investment in agriculture ?

Hartmut Bauder



 Badi people have to resort to such a humiliating profession to run their family (‘Badi women back to flesh trade’, July 4, Page 4). It is the responsibility of the state to provide basic services to its people. Our government only knows how to sign agreements, not implement them. This proves what an utterly incompetent and irresponsible government we have. As of now, the welfare of its people is not its top priority.

Nishan Khadka



 Teachers get easily angry at their students and due to the fake pride in their post, beat innocent students (‘Dhobi airlifted to Capital’, June 5, Page 4).

The time has come to think about hiring teachers who are calm, creative and student-friendly. However, the meagre salary provided by private schools will not be enough to lure such ideal teachers.

Prodeep Paudel


Posted on: 2013-07-07 08:47

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