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Envoy to Qatar for Nepali’s deportation

KATHMANDU, JUN 14 - Nepali Ambassador to Qatar Maya Kumari Sharma has requested the Qatari government to deport a Nepali migrant worker who allegedly published an article critical of her, a confidential document made available to the Post has revealed.

Sharma, who invited controversy for describing Qatar as an open jail a few months ago, sent a written request to the Qatari authorities on May 1 to immediately arrest and deport Dipendra (Dipak) Bhetwal of Chitwan.

In the letter, the embassy has accused Bhetwal of defaming the ambassador and provoking wage-deprived workers to start protests through his article written in an online news portal.

“He (Bhetwal) wrote an article against the embassy of Nepal in Doha, criticising the personality of HE the ambassador. In the same article, he is encouraging workers to strike against their companies in case of non-payment of salaries and that if no action is taken, they can commit suicide by setting themselves on fire,” reads the embassy’s letter addressed to the Consular Affairs Department of the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The embassy dispatched the letter under the registration number 069/70/1669.

The letter has further urged the department to instruct authorities concerned to detain and deport Bhetwal to Nepal as early as possible. It has also requested the Consular Affairs Department to inform the embassy about the time and date of his departure to Nepal.

“The embassy will communicate to the authorities concerned in Nepal to arrest and take action against him,” the letter says. But the embassy has not informed the government and the Nepali Ministry of Foreign Affairs of its move against Bhetwal.Bhetwal has been working as a manager in a Qatari company. The ambassador’s letter came to light after the Qatari government summoned him. The Qatari Investigation and Monioring Depart-ment summoned Bhetwal subsequently after his return from an official errand to China a month ago. “I had returned from China on Friday. On Sunday, the officials informed me about embassy’s request for deportation and asked me to bring my passport and a plane ticket,” Bhetwal told the Post.  “I was released after a public relations officer of my company intervened. I was asked to present myself on Monday,” said Bhetwal.

Ambassador Sharma, however, denied sending any such letter. “He himself went to the police for repentance. I have not written any letter against him. You can inquire about it with the one who got the information,” she said.

On the behest of the civil society and Non-Resident Nepalis in Qatar, Chief Secretary Lilamani Poudel instructed secretary at the Foreign Ministry, Durga Bhattarai, to immediately stop Sharma, claiming that the move was against the welfare of the public. Bhattarai subsequently instructed Sharma to promptly withdraw her move.

Nepali workers in Qatar have called such activities as misuse of authority from a person holding an influential position.

Posted on: 2013-06-15 09:14

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