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Music and mirth on New Year’s Eve

KATHMANDU, APR 14 - Nepalis all over the country have welcomed 2070, with great fanfare and regalia. The flooding in of New Year text messages, Facebook statuses and tweets was as palpable this year as it was last year, and the year before that. New Year’s Eve, in particular, was very festively celebrated in Kathmandu and Nepali cities. Durbar Marg, New Raod and Thamel were full of youngsters and grownups who’d all come out in their best to welcome the Nepali New Year. While some flocked to concerts, other chose to keep it quieter with meals and drinks at restaurants with friends and relatives.

Radio Kantipur had its own special way of ushering in the New Year. Corporate Night 2070, organised on April 13 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza’s Megha Mahal was a night of music, humour and celebration. Well-known artists such as Yogeshwor Amatya, Kamal Khatri,  Sugam Pokharel , Udaya and Malina Sotang , Satya Raj Acharya, Swaroop Raj Acharya and  Vaani Band were among the night’s performers. The corporate night also featured a stunning performance by the acclaimed Nepali stand up comedian Raja Rajendra.

As members of Kantipur media’s corporate group, including chairman and managing director Kailash Sirohiya, representatives from various media houses, journalists

and business personalities got together to celebrated the New Year, a welcome dance was performed to the song Shubha Kamana. That was followed by a powerful joint performance by Satya and Swaroop Raj Acharya after which Kamal Khatri took his turn on stage.

The programme, which was telecast live on Radio Kantipur took an especially interesting turn when stand up comedian Rajendara took over the stage as it were, making audiences laugh non-stop to well around half an hour. His sharp sense of humour and his satires on contemporary Nepali politics and politicians certainly caught the attentions of all those present there.

Once this humorous interlude was over, Udaya and Manila Sotang went on stage, taking audiences to heights of musical ecstasy. Other singers for the night sang as delightfully and wonderfully until Yogeshwor Amatya came up on stage and changed the entire atmosphere of the banquet hall. His wonderful sense of humour and his interesting stage performance allured and entranced all and by the time he was singing Jaba Sandhya Huncha, an all-time favourite, the audiences had grown so euphoric that everyone wanted to sing along with him.

The closing act for the evening was a concert by Vaani Band. A DJ session followed, and as all those gathered danced the night away, we all stepped into the brand new year 2070.

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