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Celebrations at the theatre

KATHMANDU, APR 14 - The theatre and dance group Achel organised a special programme at Kalikasthan’s Sarvanam Theatre last week to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

Attended by Sarvanam’s own Ashesh Malla, Shailee Theatre’s Kedar Shrestha and noted theatre artist and author Bijay Bishphot, the ceremony was a celebration of theatre art and also saw the performance of three of Achel’s best plays take place.

Celebrated theatre artist Prachanda Malla was felicitated at the programme for the many decades of devotion he has dedicated to the industry. Folk dances were also performed at the venue, and this added another enjoyable dimension to the ceremony.

Achel has been rather actively working in the Pashupati area these days, becoming a hub for youngsters with an interest in theatre. Their presence encourages locals to take a closer look at theatre art and the artists associated with the group also promote acting.

Posted on: 2013-04-15 10:06

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