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Spivak on global capitalism

KATHMANDU, FEB 10 - Acclaimed literary theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, who is best-known for Can the Subaltern Speak, an essay that is considered to be a founding text of post colonialism, was in Kathmandu recently, attending a three-day seminar on ‘new regionalism’ that discussed various possible means through which different disciplines can collaborate to create a new body of knowledge.

On February 10, Spivak spoke at IACER, the Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research in New Baneshwor, in a session that spanned some 45 minutes, and talked about global capitalism and its effects on the individual identity.  Spivak was a captivating presence as she talked about the importance of the mother tongue and that of preserving local languages and cultures; in other words, the individual identities of all communities, at the programme.  

The programme, attended by academicians and students, certainly helped all those present gain access to her works, which are often considered quite hard to understand and interpret for those who’re approaching them for the first time. Spivak’s emphasis on local language was obvious, and she was adamant in her belief that all education must be imparted in local tongues.

Spivak is easily one of the most influential figures in contemporary critical theory. And her question-answer session at IACER was characterised by her recognisably political use of contemporary cultural and critical theories to challenge the legacy of colonialism, defying the ways in which we think about modern education.

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