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NSU feud may delay general convention

KATHMANDU, DEC 29 - An internal feud has resurfaced in the Nepal Students’ Union (NSU), threatening to postpone the Nepali Congress sister wing’s upcoming general convention.

The tussle between the leaders close to the establishment faction of NC President Sushil Koirala and the dissident faction loyal to Sher Bahadur Deuba came to the fore after an attack on NSU leaders Kundan Kafle and Indu Sharma. On Thursday, the duo was attacked by union cadres after a dispute during the Unit Committee convention at Advance Engineering College, Kupondole.

The dissident faction has blamed NSU Coordinator Rajeet Karna for the attack. In a statement, 22 central committee (CC) members condemned the act and blamed Karna, claiming that he was imposing his monopoly in the union. “Karna’s recent act has proved that his intentions are not just undemocratic but criminal,” read the statement. The dissidents also charged Karna with applying undue influence on campus and district committee conventions. “He was given six months to hold the general convention; however, he has failed to conduct it even in 10 months. His reluctance to hold the convention shows he is keen to capture the union,” it was stated.

However, establishment faction leaders said the dissenting faction was raising issues to delay the convention, which has been scheduled for three days beginning January 18.

Earlier, a four-month factional dispute was resolved in August after the NC agreed to fulfil the demands of leaders from the Deuba faction. Meanwhile, three CC members—Umesh Thapa Magar, Bipin Adhikari and Nawaraj Tripati—were suspended for two years alleging their role in the attack on Kafle and Sharma and the vandalism at the NSU central office.


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