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Letter to the Editor


DEC 29 - This is your Sita

 I am so moved by Sita’s story (“Tia migrant robbery: From a gullible girl to betrayed Sita,” Dec 28, Page 2). Thank you so much for bringing up this to readers like me.

Dr. Chandra Rai

Morang, now in NZ


 No words to describe what they have done.

Prakash KC



 Forget about the corrupt government officials and police. Eeveryday, women are trafficked to Indian brothels and suffer abuse. Women suffer untold miseries, yet we hardly hear from them. Sometimes, their own brothers and husbands force them to get involved in flesh trade, which is much worse than slavery. Though it was a heinous crime by any measure, I think Sita was lucky that she only got raped; she could have been easily killed and her body disposed without a trace. The threat of the policeman who raped her all night in the hotel confirms this notion. Now that poor, uneducated, unskilled, Nepalis are introduced to foreign employment markets, chances of gullible girls like Sita falling prey have quadrupled in a

short period.

Common Occurrence



 Such cases do occur in Nepal where law and order are not effective.  There are also no mechanisms in place to monitor such illegal activities at the airport. If such malpractices are happening then those individuals should be penalised for their unlawful action—not just suspended for two months and allowed to retake their positions. I am annoyed and frustrated with the government’s incompetent action, given this extreme case of injustice.

Kiran Rai



 Everyone is so busy trying to get ahead of everyone else that no one thinks about how disgustingly low they have sunk to get there. Look at people’s behaviour in any queue, both rich and educated; poor and uneducated; young and old—physically pushing others out of the way so they can get to the front because they KNOW they are more important than anyone else in that line. This is not an isolated issue in Nepal. It exists all over the globe. However, the ideologies of individualism and self-importance are creeping more and more into Nepali society where once people and communities stood together.

John Prokos


Rest in peace

Let her rest in peace (“Indian gang-rape victim dies in Singapore hospital,” Dec 29, Online)This event will stay in our minds for a long time to come. It’s time we began to respect women. Every empire that has disrespected women has fallen. We need to remember this.

Nimesh Shrestha



Posted on: 2012-12-30 08:46

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