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Cold cripples life across nation

KATHMANDU, DEC 26 - Cold weather that has affected normal life in most places, particularly the Tarai region, for the past two weeks is expected to continue for  a few more days, weathermen have predicted.

During the period, the cold spell has claimed deaths of over a dozen people in various districts in the Tarai region.

On Wednesday, Chandrakala Devi, 60, of Jaleshwor Municipality-4 and Mishri Yadav of Bhatouliya-4 in Mahottari and two other people-a man and a woman—in Rautahat district died due to extreme cold.

Similarly, the District Education Office, Rautahat, has directed to shut local schools for a week as the number of students decreased gradually due to cold. On Monday, Bishwonath Mandal, 60, of Jaleshwor municipality in Mahottari froze to death while he was asleep at home.

Meanwhile, another report from Nepalgunj, Banke, said the significant drop in mercury in the past one week has crippled normal life in the district. Flights from the Nepalgunj airport to the hilly districts of the Mid-Western region have also been affected. “Due to poor visibility, various flights to hilly districts were affected for three days this week,” said Narendra Thapa, chief at the local Civil Aviation Authority office.

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD), the existing foggy and misty weather is likely to continue for the coming days as there are chances of partly cloudy weather in the Far-Western hilly districts and other parts of the Eastern and Central regions.

“Most part of the South Asia region extending from India to Afghanistan is covered with dense fog for the past couple of days,” said Suman Kumar Regmi, a meteorologist at the MFD. He said a rain-making system is getting active in the Afghan region and it is likely to move across the region, including Nepal, from Thursday. “However, it is early to say it before Wednesday.”

The maximum and minimum day temperatures in all 18 meteorological stations show decrease in mercury level in the past one week. On Wednesday, Jumla recorded the minimum day temperature below freezing point at (-7.4 degree Celsius) while Dipayal recorded the maximum day temperature at 21.8 degree. Kathmandu on the same day recorded 17.5 and 1.6 degrees as the maximum and minimum temperatures, respectively.(With inputs from local correspondents in Mahottari, Rautahat and Nepalgunj)

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