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Nepal mission takes Paras’ threat case to Thai ministry

KATHMANDU, DEC 18 - The Nepali Embassy in Bangkok has requested the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act upon a request made by Nepal’s former crown prince Paras Shah for the security of his life and property in Thailand.

Shah wrote to the Nepali embassy on Friday that he perceived a security threat.

“Two Nepali nationals—Sunil Khadka and Pushparaj Subedi—have registered an appeal on Shah’s behalf to the mission for his security,” confirmed Nepal’s Bangkok mission. Khadka and Subedi are said to be local representatives of the Non-Resident Nepali Association.

“We forwarded his request to the Thai foreign minister,” said a Nepali embassy source. But the ministry has not responded. Shah also called on Deputy Chief of Nepali Mission Dornath Aryal and apprised him of the security threat from “some people there”. He asked the mission to intervene. “I am framed and I am innocent,” Shah reportedly told Aryal. Aryal told him that it was their duty to inform the Foreign Ministry of Thailand if any Nepali national gets into a trouble. “In a foreign country, we should act only through the foreign ministry. So will it be in your case,” Aryal had told Shah. The embassy also conveyed to Shah that he could avail of Army or police security if he could pay for it in case the Thai government refused to protect him. “Getting paid security from Thai army or police is expensive and it’s up to him whether to avail of it,” added the sources.

Shah was arrested in Thailand a month ago for possessing 3.4 gram of marijuana. He was later granted bail. He was rearrested on the charge of vandalising a luxury apartment he had rented.


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