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DEC 18 - It is not that I hate concerts. I enjoy them a lot. I remember the time of my school days when I never used to miss any concert in Biratnagar. I used to travel 40 km just to see 1974AD band members and Robin Tamang live. Not only then, I still enjoy them a lot. The entrance of Bryan Adams and MLTR with the cheap excuse was wholeheartedly welcomed by my heart, and I know that when such international artists come here, there has to be a grand lightning system, sound system and stage.

But at a point it dissatisfies me. It is understandable that the organisers have struggled a lot to bring international artists to Nepal, but why are they really ignoring the life of other normal citizens? Did anyone ever think what must have been going on in the minds of the patients at Bir Hospital while the concert was being held? Did it occur to anyone that they must have been disturbed? When the sound of the concert at Dasharath Stadium could be heard all the way to Putali Sadak and Old Baneshwor, no one can deny the fact that the patients nearby must have got disturbed.

There are various complaints when neighbours turn up the volume of their music systems, but why don’t they care about such issues during concerts? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of international music, and I understand the necessity of loud music at any concert. The louder the music, the more the fun. But there can be other alternatives like seeking another appropriate place. Such open places may not be available for grand concerts, but they must not create trouble in normal living lives as well.

Places a bit far from the centre of town, like Bhaktapur or Dhulikhel or around Kirtipur or around Kakani, where there will be comparatively less disturbance, can be preferred. There used to appear questions when concerts were organised at the Jawalakhel ground for animal’s rights, now this indeed is amazing regarding why the concerned department becomes silent when it is for human rights. The entrance of such international celebrities is a positive thing for Nepal, and more such events must be organised. But let that not disturb the other world. I really get frustrated when there is a marriage party going on near my house, and I am sick because of the sounds. Anyone can imagine what a difficult time the patients and their relatives at nearby hospitals must be going through with the ear-shattering music. Let the concert be enjoyed by the participants, and let it not trouble others. Happy listening.

Posted on: 2012-12-19 08:41

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