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DEC 18 -

Last night, I found your photograph and that made me think for a while about your smile, life. I am happy for you, but that’s too much like a lie. We all love our past as we’ve shared some happy moments together. Sometimes it hurts a lot, but what can I do? I spoke a thousand words to make you laugh, but you whispered a single word to break my heart.

I know what’s gone is gone and will never return, but why am I still looking at it. Whatever you did to me in the past is still connected to my present and the future as well. It is true that sometimes life changes in a second, and sometimes in a year. I have changed, and have learned to move on with all your memories. I still hope to meet you someday though. I believe our love is like a river. We may not flow in the same direction, but we’ll certainly meet in the ocean.

 Romi Gurung

Class: 12

Malpi International College


Posted on: 2012-12-19 08:44

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