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If I had wings


DEC 18 - What if it’s real?

I want to hear.

Guess how will it feel,

to fly in that blue thing,

right above my head,

right above my head.

It’s the sky I’m talking about,

it’s heaven I’m talking about.

It’s a million miles from here,

and only birds can reach there.

But look at the bird,

it’s got wings attached to it.

But I don’t have wings,

only these feet.

Whatever I do,

i’ll never reach that place.

But what if I had wings?

I wouldn’t have to cry for it.

It would be my destiny,

to fly over that sky.

Up there is heaven,

yes I can really see her.

If it was up to me,

I would fly a million miles from here.

But I can’t fly, no I can’t,

even if time reaches infinity.

But whatever it may be,

day or night,

God I want the sky,

so that I can have a ride.

Nischal Sangraula

Class: 9



Posted on: 2012-12-19 08:44

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