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Comfest 2012: A mesmeric experience


DEC 18 - The Computer Festival organised by the JCC (Jaipuria Computer Club) of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur, India, ie Comfest 2012 was held from November 1-4. The President of Comfest, along with his team had worked hard for this grand programme, and fortunately LRI School also made it to the mega event as an international delegate.

It was a great honour to receive an invitation from the JCC. So a five-member team headed for Kanpur along with Som Raj Paneru, Vice Principal of LRI, and our teacher escort. The team consisted of the enthusiastic students of classes 9 and 10: Bishal Mahat, Batshal Neupane, Bishal Neupane, Ayush Dawadi and Akash Neupane.  We flew from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj in a Buddha Air aircraft. From there, we reached Rupadiya at 6 pm, where an Innova car, sent by the school of Kanpur, was waiting for us. Finally at around 1 am we reached Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. We got a warm welcome from the President and staff of the school. Then we were taken to a luxurious hotel for our stay. What more would we want after that long and tiring journey?

Comfest is a programme organised by students, where around 60 schools participated (from all over India, including some from Nepal). It is the biggest student-organised programme in India. Since we reached a day before competition, they took us to visit the school, and then to Asia’s largest mall, Z Square. The mall was really big, with imporium shops. It took around two hours for us to look around. We did some shopping there and returned to the hotel for a nap.

The first day of Comfest was very entertaining. The JCC provided us one JCC member as our escort to guide us through the whole competition. His name was Akshyat Jain, and he became a very good friend of ours. There was a competition titled ‘Convivial Carnival’ on that day, where we had to come up with a technical game, decorate a stall, and make others play the game. Although we didn’t win any prize, we were happy with the outcome. At night, we attended a concert by “Underground Authority” (first runners-up of India’s Got Talent). They rocked the stage, and at the same time gave us a good time.

Next day, the inauguration programme was held in a huge auditorium at the school. We met a famous personality, Lieutenant General of India and found him to be inspiring. Then, we introduced ourselves to other participants. Competitions such as Graffiti, Pen a Tale, Web Tech, Vid - Ed, and an additional 27 other contests started from that day on and our school enthusiastically participated in many of them. Although we were not quite prepared, we tried our best throughout the competition. Our teacher escort also supported us all the way.

Then came the most awaited event of all, the prize distribution day. We’d been unable to prepare much due to our Dashain Vacation. So, the results were not much of a surprise to us. However, Ayush Dawadi was able to bag the second runner-up prize for a contest named Pen a Tale. Most importantly, we also got the opportunity to learn a lot and to prepare for the next Comfest. Moreover, the hard work of the JCC members in organising the event, and the respect they showed us, impressed us all. We could also make friends with many international students.

Moreover, we are proud to have been a part of India’s biggest sudent-organised programme, and also of the Limca book of Records in the biggest Graffiti all over India department. On the whole, the event was fruitful, a mesmeric experience that will remain in our minds and hearts forever. We encourage all students of LRI to grab the opportunity to take part in the Comfest in 2013.

Bishal Mahat

Class: 9

LRI School


Posted on: 2012-12-19 08:43

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