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KATHMANDU, DEC 11 - The 10th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) wrapped up on Tuesday after successfully screening 62 filmsfrom 28 countries. We asked some of the audience members how their experience has been this year, and what they find of value in an international film festival such as this one held in Kathmandu.

Padam Pande

Environmental Science Student, Khwopa College

This is my second time at KIMFF. I am an avid fan of travelling and exploring new things. A festival such as KIMFF is essential for cultural exchange and it has provided such a good opportunity for me to immerse myself in different cultures through film. We watch a lot of fictional films, but documentaries, unlike them, showcase the real lives of people. From these, we can learn a lot of things, including people’s culture, as well as larger global trends. I personally feel that the festival is a platform that allows for the exchange of a wide range of knowledge and helps viewers to understand the world better. It is also a meeting point for filmmakers to share their innovative ideas with the masses. I wish these documentaries would also be shown out of the Valley, however; if the festival were taken to remote parts of Nepal, it could have greater impact, and help bring positive changes in people’s attitudes.

Praveena Singh  

Bachelor’s student, Patan Multiple Campus

Living in Kathmandu means you have little access to and knowledge of village life and its realities. So a festival like KIMFF is a great means to make more visible the real stories of real people. Films screened during this time can allow the audience to learn a lot even within a short time span. Attending the festival gives one the chance to meet, on-screen, people from every walk of life, their culture and their lifestyle. But beyond that, even though Nepal is a country with diverse geographical regions, I have not travelled to many places, and coming to the festival is a reminder of its rich natural beauty and equally valuable cultural heritage. Most of all, I have come to realise that the documentary form is an increasingly effective medium to spread social awareness.

Anjila Bhatta

Student of MA in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, TU

This is the first time that I’ve been to a festival like this and it seems like one that is very important for Nepalis. We hardly get the chance to visit new places or explore new things, but KIMFF provides many opportunities for such an exploration. It can also be a great source of knowledge for those who want to get into filmmaking, where they can learn about the technical aspects of documentary-making along with exposure to ideas on themes and styles, as the festival includes some of the best documentaries from around the world. As a student of peace and conflict, I find that the festival also helps develop mutual understanding between people from different parts of the globe, which ultimately helps establish peace. Films screened during the festival contribute to increasing the audience’s awareness on various global issues such as human rights, gender and global warming. I’ll definitely be here to attend it next time as well.

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