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DEC 11 - Hope which starts and ends with us,

takes us sometimes to the world of treasures,

and sometimes to hell, full of demons.

Hope is an almighty force, dazzling like the moon,

hope is the supremacy of human civilisation,

with the power to make discoveries its slave with high ambition.

Hope, an unexpected sapling in the desert,

carries a man from darkness to a life full of light.

Never-ending hope is spectacular,

abode of inspirations to win the success of treasures.

Hope sometimes is a devil,

showing dreams of heaven in hell.

Hope sometimes is a mystery,

for no reason attracted towards unexpected victory.

Hope sometimes is a king of fortune,

transforming a king into a lunatic.

Hope is like an amoeba,

transforming its reality very fast from goodness to bad and vice-versa.

There may not be flesh to find the reasons for hope,

but still he puts some hope to find the reasons for hope.

This hope, the supreme power in the universe,

uncountable, unrivalled, unendurable, unexpected and sometimes unwanted.

Rupak Dhakal

Class: 10

Sun Rise English School

Posted on: 2012-12-12 08:17

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