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DEC 11 - Education is one of the most important foundations of development. It is required in all sectors all around the world. A good education system functions as a boon for a country. It is needed for the extensive development of any nation. It is an important factor that helps us to distinguish between right and wrong. Moreover, it also teaches us the real value of time and the true meaning of existence.

Education can be defined as the process of deriving knowledge from different sources. Education is vital in the advancement of a country. If all the people are educated, then there will no doubt be rapid development in the nation. It is the source of all the infrastructures. Education uplifts the level of knowledge in people. It teaches us different skills and behaviour. It therefore enables us to live a qualitative and an accomplished life. Furthermore, it cannot be stolen by thieves or

confiscated by the government. This is the reason due to which education has been regarded as the greatest wealth of an individual. Education can be gained through different means. School or other educational institutions can be regarded as the best sources of education. Education can also be acquired through other sources like newspapers, television, radio, Internet etc. Communication can also provide knowledge, ideas and information to us. Education should be provided to all the citizens of a country. The government should strive to provide education in rural areas so that everyone can be benefited. Education also has some disadvantages but it depends on how we put it to use.

Education is, clearly, a prerequisite for all of us. Skilled manpower is generated through education. And that very skilled manpower can make our societies worth living. This is why education is essential in each and every sphere of our lives.


Bibhas Shrestha

Class: 10

Kathmandu University High School

Posted on: 2012-12-12 08:41

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