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Supple clips helping expectant couples

MYAGDI, NOV 29 - Dhanmaya Sherpuja of Histan VDC, Myagdi, is expecting her first baby. Her husband and she herself are excited and nervous about their first child and parenthood.

But thanks to the audio-visual clips about safe motherhood and parenting on their mobile phones provided by Nepal Wireless Networking (NWN), the expectant couple know what to anticipate and how to ensure the mother’s and the baby’s wellbeing during pregnancy.

The e-project for safe motherhood, which is running in Histan, Shikh and Ramchhe VDCs of Myagdi with the support of Internet Society, has helped many expecting couples.

NWN has been distributing audio-visual clips from a UK-based pregnancy and parenting website babycentre.co.uk to inform and educate the pregnant mothers and their partners about prenatal and postpartum health care. Such sound bites and video clips are made available through the local health posts, community volunteers and school teachers.      

The pervasive cellular phone service has made this project possible. People who live in places with no access to hospitals are the chief beneficiaries of the programme.

“Now the pregnant women could see videos on fetal development and receive important advice on how to take care of the mother and the baby during every phase of pregnancy,” said Rajendra Poudel, member of the Internet Society and the coordinator of the Safe Motherhood Programme (SMP).

Abhit Bataju, technical officer for the project, said there are some radio programmes on safe motherhood aired regularly but not many people listen to them as they are busy on different household chores most of the time.

“Since mobile phones are virtually owned by everyone these days, the expectant parents could watch and listen to these audio/video clips in their own convenience,” he said.

Posted on: 2012-11-30 09:17

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