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3 guns recovered from Ratopul garbage heap

KATHMANDU, NOV 29 - Police on Thursday recovered three homemade pistols and four rounds of ammunition from Ratopul in the Capital.

According to the police, the pistols, wrapped in a plastic bag, were recovered from a dumping site under the Ratopul bridge. “The pistols were found abandoned among the garbage,” said DSP Dhiraj Pratap Singh, the spokesperson of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Range (MPR), Hanumandhoka. According to him, municipal workers contacted the police after they stumbled upon the weapons while collecting garbage in the morning.

“As part of our routine operations, we had been carrying out seal and search operations in the Ratopul area from early Thursday morning,” DSP Singh said. “The pistols must have been thrown in the garbage to evade arrest.”

However, police have yet to trace the owners of the pistols. Investigations are underway, police said.

According to DSP Singh, a large number of small arms were brought into the Capital during the decade-long armed insurgency. “It is certain that these are not guns that were smuggled in recently,” he said. “After being smuggled into Kathmandu years ago, these arms are being used by criminals.”

Singh said the availability of such small arms is high in Kathmandu, given the frequency with which the weapons are seized. “We also have suspicions that weapons are entering Nepal via India through the open border,” Singh said.

Interestingly, DSP Singh claimed that these weapons are usually not used for shootings and murder. Small homemade pistols such as these are used by hooligans and low-rung gangsters to commit other small crimes like kidnappings, lootings and spreading terror in the locality. “Apart from a few isolated cases, we rarely find these guns being used to shoot people,” he said. “Low-profile gangsters use these weapons to spread terror and make money by kidnapping and looting.”

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