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Eating with the stars

KATHMANDU, NOV 29 - 'Paras Khadka


I eat almost anything, but am especially fond of meat; I don’t think I could ever be a vegetarian. Even though I can’t really list any ‘hang-outs’ as such, I do travel quite a bit around the Valley looking for restaurants and cafes to try out. I pretty much follow the expected restaurant circuit—Jhamsikhel, Lazimpat, Baluwatar, and Durbarmarg, the usual. But I guess if I had to narrow it down to what I’d choose for my last meal on earth, I would always, always, go for a home-cooked meal. Nothing can compare with home cooking.

Swapnil Sharma


I’m not too fussy about food. As a vegetarian, I find that the variety in Indian food offers me a lot more choices than other cuisines. But even then, I don’t have particular favourites; I’ll eat pretty much anything. And in spite of my love for Indian food, I’m not overly fond of spicy dishes. Places in Kathmandu that I go to regularly are Helena’s Bakery and Courtyard. I find that the menus in these establishments suit me very well.

Komal Oli


Although I try a lot of different cuisines, I always come back to Nepali food—it’s what I’m most comfortable with and what I usually crave. My favourite dish would be maize chapattis with leafy vegetables and garlic pickle—I can never get enough of that! I’m also a big fan of Newari food, and go trawling for good Newari places around Basantapur. As for other cuisines, Italian would be my go-to choice. I make it a point to eat out twice every month, and usually, I end up at Bhumi Lounge or the Fire & Ice Pizzeria.

Saloni Rajbhandari


I inherited my love of food from my mother—she’s an excellent cook. Of course, that also means she’s extremely territorial about the kitchen, and I don’t really get a chance to cook in there. I do eat out a lot, usually once every three days or so. One of my favourite food joints in the city is the Capital Grill opposite the old Bhatbhateni Departmental Store. That’s where I get my fill of typical American nosh like mac and cheese ad a variety of meat cuts with mashed potatoes. I also love Korean food, although the actual names of dishes can be something of a tongue-twister.

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