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Oppn raps govt objection to Prez move

KATHMANDU, NOV 25 - Opposition parties on Sunday termed the government’s objection to the Presidents’ call for a national unity government “undemocratic” and a ploy to cling on to power. They also called off their plans to hit the streets to press for the government to step down.

Sixteen opposition parties, including the Nepali Congress (NC) and the CPN-UML, criticised the government’s decision to send a letter of objection to President Ram Baran Yadav expressing dissatisfaction over the latter’s call for the formation of a new unity government.

A meeting of the opposition parties held at the UML headquarters in Balkhu concluded that the ruling parties had been trying to extend the term of the government by misinterpreting and opposing the call for consensus made by President Yadav.

“A government which itself is unconstitutional cannot call the head of state the same,” said UML leader Raghu Panta. “If [Prime Minister] Baburam Bhattarai has any morals, he should quit right now as per his latest address to the nation.”

Opposition leaders claimed the President’s call was only made after Bhattarai gave his nod to the head of state to end the political impasse by bringing together all political forces.

“One who has publicly committed to quit for consensus should not point fingers at the head of state. People are fed up with the prime minister’s drama and the misdeeds of his corrupt ministers,” said Panta.

In his address to the nation on Friday, PM Bhattarai had said that he was ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of consensus. However, Sunday’s cabinet meeting termed the president’s call “unconstitutional.”

“There is no need to question the role played by the head of state. The government’s decision to stand against the President has made clear that the Maoist-led government is not in favour of consensus,” said NC spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu. “In order to express our commitment to consensus, we have called off our scheduled protests,” he added.

Opposition parties, who had announced joint protests to replace the incumbent government with a new unity one, decided to call off the protests scheduled for November 20 and December 1 following the call for consensus from President Yadav.

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