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Kathmandu International Art Festival 2012

KATHMANDU, NOV 25 - review: Day 1

Blane de St Croix

Croix’s installations and artworks are iconic meditations on forest fire, land erosion, and border issues. Known for conducting extensive pre-hand research on each project, Croix’s collage for KIAF 2012 comprises combinations of ink and digital prints on paper on canvas. His project is currently on display at the Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal.


Fraz Abdul Mateen

Affected to a great degree by the widespread health impacts of environmental degradation in Pakistan, Mateen’s art focuses on human footprints on the ecology, and the impact of urbanisation on wildlife. These are represented by actual footprints printed on metal, books and wood to make up some very eye-catching work, now being shown at the Nepal Art Council.

Milli Pradhan

Kathmandu’s waste management problems have been consistently worsening over time, exacerbated by the government’s neglectful attitude. Keeping this in mind, artist Milli Pradhan has compiled together an experimental video installation that explores the solid waste pollution affecting the waters of the Bagmati. The exhibition is on display at the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre in Patan.


Sadish Dhakal

Dhakal’s artwork stems from research conducted since 1960, documenting the changes seen on the surface are of the Chho-Rolpa lake. By comparing results from different moments in time, and raising traditional Nepali jamara under his paintings, Dhakal attempts to interpret the changes he witnessed, and bring about awareness on the impact of climate change on the lake. His works can be seen at the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre.

Probir Gupta

Gupta’s installation brings together materials such as toys, newspapers, and garbage to highlight alarming rates at which consumerism is rising in present times. A male figure has been erected by the artist using metal and shoes. Hailing from South India, Gupta reflects on patterns of social change through his contribution to this year’s KIAF, currently on display at the Nepal Art Council.

Paulasen Gupta

Titled The Flight of Ducks, Gupta’s paintings are based on her trekking diaries while journeying through the Khumbu region—home to the Sherpas as well as the Brahminy ducks. Her collection offers a visual understanding of the impact of climate change on the glorious mountainous landscape of the Gokyo region. The Flight of Ducks is on display at the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre.

Jyoti Duwadi

Duwadi’s site-specific installation Shades of Seeds recreates Nepali earth within the walls of the Nepal Art Council. Displayed on the cracked surface are traditional Nepali vessels such as the maana, paathi, tapari and bota that are filled with grains in vibrant shares. The installation pays homage to Nepali agriculture that is heavily dependent on climatic patterns. It also provides a commentary on the effects of climate change on agriculture, with the cracked earth serving as a powerful symbol for environmental degradation.


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