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Tihar on in full swing

KATHMANDU, NOV 13 - The second day of Yamapanchak arrived with much fanfare as the goddess of wealth, Laxmi, was worshipped across the country with bright lights and festive decorations. Hindus welcomed Laxmi on the second day of Tihar, the festival of lights and prosperity, wishing prosperity for families and friends.

On Laxmi puja, the nooks and crannies of the home are lit up with colourful, decorative lights in the evening, in the belief that goddess Laxmi will not visit homes that are not properly illuminated.

Cultural programmes like deusi and bhailo were held across the country, with people offering songs and dances in return for blessings and money. Kukur Tihar, the day where dogs are worshipped, was also celebrated on Tuesday morning with dogs being offered garlands and food. Dogs are considered messengers of the death god, Yama.

The five-day festival will continue with Goru Tihar on Wednesday and wrap up on Thursday with Bhai Tika.


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By Abin

Only loads of cash, but no DV, PR.... Looks like an honest man!


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