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NOV 13 - Nepal is in a critical condition these days especially because of political instability. The people’s frustration regarding politics and political leaders has not decreased, rather it is becoming more severe. In spite of this, political leaders are dillydallying on reaching an agreement of national interest and taking decisions according to the demand of time. Indeed, Nepal has numerous challenges to overcome, but it might be a good idea to adopt a bit of youthful optimism in every sector when it comes to confronting them.

Despite a professed dislike for politics, everyone talks about it as if it was the most important thing. Even young people who are extremely cynical about politics and who like to say continuously that politics is not a matter of their interest are keenly talking about the condition of our country, political leaders and their roles. According to the latest statistics, almost 75 percent of the country’s population is under the age of 35, but they feel alienated from politics. Perhaps this is because of the limited ideology of the political representatives or the long-running political instability. Whatever the reason, the country should not forget the youth as they will be providing the leadership in the future. How can a country with 50 percent of the electorate between the ages of 18 to 35 expect its political and economic betterment without their involvement?

Let me share a fresh incident about such an issue. Some days ago, I was watching an interview on TV of some title winning youth who are going to represent Nepal in some international contest. When they were asked about Nepal’s political condition and political leaders, they were completely mute. They can’t even recognise the top leaders of the country. If this is the condition, how can they know about the condition of our country? How can they represent and introduce our country internationally? Only music, movies, love and travel should not be the topics among youths. They should be at least aware of the Nepal’s political condition as they have to run it in the future.

The many revolutions that have succeeded till date are the result of the meaningful involvement of the youth. It shows the power of the youth, and they can never be apart from politics. Our country has been experiencing bandas and political instability which hamper the education and career of the youth. Schools and colleges are closed for a long time. Frustrated youths are leaving the country in droves because of political instability. So we need positive change with the involvement of youths. They can even bring a revolution in the field of politics. Let’s hope Nepal’s young people set concerns regarding the above mentioned matter, develop cohesion and feel free to participate. A can do and will do attitude among youths is the need of the time.


Posted on: 2012-11-14 09:20

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