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Where people resent voting for Maoists

KOSHIPARI (KAVRE), NOV 13 - Mistu Prasad Gautam of Kartik Deurali VDC-3 voted for the UCPN (Maoist) during the Constituent Assembly (CA) election. Though not a supporter of the Maoists, Gautam felt that the Maoists would bring about the much needed change in the country which the other political parties had failed to do so.

He said he chose to vote for the Maoists even though he was attacked by Maoist activists during the insurgency.

“I felt that the new party was really going to change something and forgetting that the Maoist cadres had tried to attack me for keeping other political conviction I voted for the Maoists, but everything was in vain,” he said. Gautam said he was disappointed to see that the party he voted for was engaging in petty power politics just like the other parties in the past. For him, it was seeing a same dream again.

Just like Gautam, there were many other people in Kartik Deurali who voted for the Maoists during the CA polls, who later went on to resent their decision.

Chattraraj Giri of Kartik Deurali-7 said he had to leave his home after the Maoists accused him of helping security personnel by providing them with food and accommodation during the insurgency.

“After I left my village, the Maoists took over my home, looted my shop and evicted my wife and my daughter-in-law, accusing me of obstructing the communist movement,” he said, adding that the Maoist party did nothing but promoted the bourgeois lifestyle after coming to power.

He demanded the Maoist leaders either return the property looted by the party or establish communism in the country as they had promised during the insurgency.

There are many people like Giri, who were persecuted by the Maoists for hindering their communist movement. They said the Maoists will have to pay for all the trouble inflicted upon them during the wartime.

They said local Nepali Congress leaders like Krishna Prasad Gautam, Nokhraj Gautam and Chandra Bahadur Lama who were brutally murdered for keeping a different political ideology other than the Maoists party should receive justice.

Posted on: 2012-11-14 09:17

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