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Supportive friends


NOV 13 - I didn’t know when the sun set,

but it brought some sort of dimness,

because the day had been just marvelous,

as I got to fritter it with my friends.

Yes, friends are the happiness in my life…

they stand with me and are ready to fall with me.

Wow, I have got the best of friends in my life,

they are the colour that fills every part of my life,

without them I can feel my life becoming black and white.

I went to sleep, just remembering them,

even in my dream, they were there with me.

Yes, they are an inseparable part of my life.

The sun will rise tomorrow again,

and it will be a new commencement for me,

but my friends will remain the same,

enjoying our stable friendship,

but we have to support to each other,

so that we can remain standing all our life and never fall again…

Sadichchha Paudel

Class: 9

LRI School


Posted on: 2012-11-14 09:22

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