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A special bond


NOV 13 - I enjoyed holding her hand and walking through the decorated shops on a dark stretch of street. The cold wind caressed our backs as we walked. It tickled our stomachs and made us ripple for no reason. That smooth curve on her face was complimenting her creamy brown complexion. Her shinny black hair floated in the air, while her pink skirt jumped back and forth. The dark brown marks of innocence were seen vividly in her sparkling eyes.

The sandals she was wearing left creases on the green grasses. The older people on the street stared at us with their eyes wide open. However, some smiled at our sophomoric gestures. Then her soft cozy palm caught mine as we crossed the street. We walked into an elegant-looking shop. The large-headed shopkeeper smiled at us, his pale- yellow teeth showing. Beside him, the red, blue, pink chocolates glimmered inside a box.

My stomach grumbled. I hurriedly checked my empty pockets for any luck. But, the curve on my face turned upside down. The shopkeeper was giving us a very nasty look. That was when my altruistic sister wrapped her thin arms around me and warmly said, "Let me be five feet six inches tall, and I’ll buy you a sky full of chocolates."

Nima Kumari Lal

Class: A Level

Budhanilkantha School

Posted on: 2012-11-14 09:59

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