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A letter


NOV 13 - To my Dearest,

If destiny wants, we will meet again. If you have faith in our love, we will surely be seeing each other soon. I don’t think our love will fade so quickly because it is one of the truest bonds in the world. God doesn’t want us to be close right now but he will regret it and we will be together again very soon.

I am sorry because I was the one to bring tears in your eyes and there was no one to hold you at that time. You always wiped my tears but when my turn came, I couldn’t be there to support you. You were the one who had held my hand when I was falling. You are the person who taught me how to live life. You had spread bright colours into my otherwise black and white life. You were the one to bring back a smile to my face. And without you my life is

incomplete. The situation is getting worse day by day and I need to move on, I have to. But moving on doesn’t mean I will forget you. Even though you aren’t by my side, you will stay in my heart till the very last breath I take.

Dear, the absence is always here in my heart and mind. When I miss you, I just close my eyes and remember the wonderful days we had spent together. I hope everything will be fine and we will be together real soon. I love you and will always continue doing so.


Pranamya Dhoubhadel

Class: 10

Kathmandu University High School

Posted on: 2012-11-14 09:59

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