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  • Taken for a ride

NOV 08 - America is in the air. There are more outlets “promising” and “guaranteeing” a green card than there are potholes in Kathmandu. One such sprouting outlet flaunts a proud display board to lure their prey:

“We have made more than 4000 people win the DV lottery till date.”

I was surprised at their guts. Excuse me sirs, their win was in your hands? Can you explain please?  As far as I know, the place, time, date, prayers, computers, their operators, Romney, Obama or even Lord Pashupatinath for that matter, have no say or influence over one’s fate in the Green Card lottery. The names are drawn at random. Anyone winning is entirely a coincidence. Scrutinising other such outlets revealed that many more boasted of such unheard abilities with varying figures of success.

It makes me think, is anyone allowed to make such false promises and misguide people? We see the clause “with guarantee” in many advertisements, in fact. Some guarantee students passuing examinations, some guarantee to cure various diseases. Similarly, we get a lot of guarantees for getting hair back on to a bald head, for fair skin and job placements too. However, all such claims have gone kaput and such guarantors have escaped even without a single question being asked, let alone punishment.

It raises a question: did nature forget to install the chip of morality while these specimens were being assembled? What are the

concerned authorities doing to stop such tall claims? Why are the people being taken for a ride? We snarl about various rights and fight for them. But such basic issues are least bothered about.

So many so-called big and better schools are milking parents for all their worth under fancy headings. A school which charges a hefty amount for “computers and internet” seems to not even have a computer class or lab even. I discovered one such school with equipment which looked similar to a computer in their lab. A close look confirmed that it really had been a computer once upon a time. The operating systems installed were long back obsolete; the monitors seemed to be snatched straight out of an ancient epic. We are least bothered even when we are considered to be a Kamadhenu cow.

Even when we are aware, do we have a proper place to report such issues or a mechanism to control such activities? Many service providers fail to maintain the required quality even after charging an astronomical amount in fees. Restaurants feed us decayed food and sweet shops have been found to use items which are not even edible. Still those involved in such acts get away with minimum punishment and are set loose again to play openly with public health. We too have short term memory. Even more pathetic is the case of roads repairing. A patch of black tar top metamorphoses itself to a pothole within a few days. Such miracles are bypassed. The case is common all over the country. The contractors carrying out such job and the authority monitoring, approving and paying for such jobs, are never ever questioned.

We enjoy guarantees. We have been guaranteed a new constitution, a better future, and even a new Nepal. Who cares if they never deliver? All we need are promises, not fulfillment. Come on, what are you waiting for? Take us for a ride.


Posted on: 2012-11-09 08:57

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