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Landslide threatens 92 houses

SUNSARI, NOV 08 - A landslide at Salbotedanda in Bishnupaduka VDC has placed 92 houses there and in Dharan Municipality at a high risk of being swept away.

The houses are in jeopardy as landslips started burying the Sardu river borders Dharan and Bishnupaduka. Falling rocks are poised to inflict damages to the Indian Pension Paying Office, National Investigation Office, Zonal Police Office and the Regional Residential Police School.

Local resident Dipkala Rai said rampant deforestation in the area had caused the landslide. Local people said that gabion boxes set up to prevent landslide have been swept away, increasing the risk of flooding in the area. Chairman of the Sardu River Control and Soil Erosion Management Committee Achyut Parajuli said although various organisations and local bodies were approached to tame slipping land masses, no effective measures have been taken so far. Local residents said Rs 250,000 is being spent annually in setting up gabion boxes to control the disaster for the past three years, but to no avail.


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