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All is not well, says former king Shah

GOPALPUR (NAWALPARASI), NOV 06 - Former king Gyanendra Shah on Tuesday said lack of foresight and myopic decisions have put the country in a state of disarray.

“In the absence of a central base to run the country the entire state mechanism is bound to undergo disintegration,” he said, advising all to remain vigilant of improvident policies and decisions. Shah was addressing a religious function at Harpur VDC in Nawalparasi.

‘Sanatan Dharma’ (Hinduism) has a profound message of leading a principled life that teaches one to live a disciplined and pure life, he said. “Our religion, cultural practices and tradition are the only things to ensure our secured continuity always guiding us towards the path of truth.”

Noting that his predecessors always strived towards nation-building with national unity as the central theme, Shah said he wishes for the country to give continuity to the longstanding tradition.

“No one should forget the history of this country, how it came into being with the effort of our ancestors, who were blessed by Baba Gorakhnath,” said the former king.           

Gorakhnath is the chief deity of the Shah rulers. Many believe that Gorakhnath had blessed late king Prithvi Narayan Shah before he started the unification campaign.

Hundreds of people were in attendance who cheered in support of the former king. The event organisers, meanwhile, had acknowledged Shah as the country’s reigning monarch on pamphlets and banners, raising objections of various parties.


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