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Facebook fighters press for constitution

KATHMANDU, MAY 17 - A band of youths gathered at Maitighar Mandala in the Capital on May 7 with placards demanding timely drafting of the statue. The placards read—You have taken full payment, give us constitution (Jyala Pura Liyou, Aba Sambhidan Deu). People from all walks of life collected there to support the campaign run through the Facebook group named Nepal Unites.

On May 14, members of another Facebook group ‘Come on Youth, Stand Up’ staged a protest outside the CA building, New Baneshwor, which garnered support even from Nepal Unites, with around 2500 youths gathering there.   

Facebook groups like Nepal Unites and Come on Youth, Stand Up are busy making youths aware of the need for timely promulgation of the constitution. Their walls have become forums for discussion.

“When we first created an event page on Facebook, the overwhelming response inspired us to create a Facebook group and name it Come on Youth, Stand Up,”Umesh Ghimire, a Facebook activist and the force  behind the “Come on Youth, Stand Up” group, said.

“On every national issue we want the involvement of youths. So, we are putting pressure on the political leaders through Facebook, and obviously the timely drafting of the statue is our first priority.”

However, Ghimire said that they faced some political pressure in the programme outside the CA building, where some political cadres expressed interest in coming on to the stage to address the mass. He said that the Facebook members turned down the request.

Shreedeep Rayamajhi, another active

user in behind the “Come on Youth, Stand up” group shared that the most of the reputed personalities who gathered during the New Baneswor protest were called there through Facebook.

“Those who gathered are like minded youths representing all walks of life,” Rayamajhi said. “And, about fifty percent of those who gathered at the event were taking to the streets for the first time. We feel immense pleasure that Facebook has done so much in awakening the youth.”

Stuti Basnyet of Nepal Unites said that politicians should act responsibly and that the CA hall is not a theatre for them to throw tantrums or stage shows. “Every decision they take affects the whole country, so enough is enough,” she said heatedly.

She added that Nepali citizens too should be responsible towards the country. They should stop complaining and start acting. “We are so good at grumbling, complaining, whining. It’s time for us, as good citizens to start acting responsibly and seek our right to have a constitution on time.”

Basnyet also made it clear that no one has taken the leadership of the Nepal Unites group and the teams coordinating are just acting as catalysts. She said that all citizens of Nepal are leaders of the group.

Another active user of Come on Youth, Stand Up Anit Gyawali said that all youths of Nepal want a timely promulgation of the statue. “We can even forgive the leaders for being late. However, we won’t be lured by their promises anymore. They have to complete their duty given them by the citizens on time,” he said

Bisbhusit Bista, another active user, said that youths have awakened from their deep slumber and will now watch each and every activity that goes on inside the CA. “We

have had enough of the cat and dog fights among the leaders. We want them to ensure our rights,” he said

Ayusha Gautam, who is pursuing a MBBS degree in Dharan, said that the pressure campaign for the timely drafting of the constitution through Facebook will not be Valley-centric only. Other Facebook groups in the eastern part of Nepal are holding consultations to run the campaign in Dharan and other parts of the country.

“We are discussing with our friends about running such a campaign in the eastern part of Nepal. Life there is pathetic. Everyday, some political wing or the other calls a banda and everybody obeys the decree without protest.

We need a revolution to end such anarchic monopoly,” she said.

Facebook group Nepal Unites is again going to conduct a program at Khulamanch at 3pm on Saturday.


Total Facebook users:    921,080    

Penetration of population:    3.18%

World position:    76    

Average CPC (cost per click):    $0.16

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