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Beijing recalls envoy Qiu


The Chinese Government has recalled its Ambassador to Nepal, Qiu Guohong, and transferred him to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. However, Beijing is yet to propose Qiu’s successor in Kathmandu.

Confirming his premature departure, a senior Foreign Ministry official told the Post that Beijing had decided to recall him some time ago, but that the process was put off for the time being due to the visit of the Chief of Army Staff of China, Gen Chen Bingde, to Kathmandu. Qui had presented his credentials in Nov. 2008.

Although China is yet to make an official announcement of Qui’s recall, sources said there are a couple of reasons for the move.

“The Senior Colonel at the Chinese Embassy, Cheng Xizhong, and envoy Qiu has some protocol related problems. Colonel Cheng is said to be senior than Qui according to the Communist Party of China (CPC) hierarchy,” informed sources said.

“Moreover, the Colonel was more assertive than ambassador Qiu, when it came to dealing with Tibetan issues and Beijing’s core concerns in Nepal,” they added.

The sources further said that Beijing read Qiu as a ‘weak’ ambassador, not so much active and not so assertive when dealing with Beijing’s vital concerns with Nepal.  

The Chinese side had conveyed the recall decision to Nepal immediately after Chen returned to Beijing.

Earlier, none of the Chinese envoys in Nepal completed their three-year tenure. In the credential letter, the Chinese government clearly mentions that their ambassador has been appointed for a period of three years.

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu has told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) that Qui will be leaving on April 8. “Foreign Secretary Madan Kumar Bhattarai is hosting a farewell diner for Qiu on April 6,” MoFA spokesperosn Rudra Nepal said.

Posted on: 2011-03-28 09:05

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