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Conflict-affected children: Govt introduces rehab plan

KATHMANDU, MAR 16 - The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR) on Wednesday unveiled a three-year National Plan of Action (NPA) for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children Affected by Armed Conflict.

The action plan aims to assist the current peace process in reaching a meaningful conclusion and protecting the rights of children affected by armed conflict and those associated with armed forces and armed groups through the implementation of the integrated plan of rehabilitation and reintegration.

According to NPA, information regarding the number and situation of children will be collected in the initial phase. Then, it will focus on the rescue and care of children, and integration of the children associated with armed groups with their families and communities. Programmes on education, health, psychological care, vocational skill training and self-employment will be implemented to ensure their sustainable rehabilitation.

In order to monitor and assess NPA activities, a monitoring team has been formed comprising representatives from MoPR, Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet ministers, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and civil society.

In a programme, Peace Minister Barsaman Pun said the government alone cannot implement the action plan effectively. He sought cooperation of the non- governmental organisations to enforce it successfully.

The National Human Rights Commission Report for 2005 stated that over 500 children lost their lives, around 40,000 were displaced and more than 8,000 were orphaned or separated from their families during the armed conflict since February 1996.

Similarly, the situation report on children published by the Central Child Welfare Board on August 2009, said information received from 53 districts suggested that at least 19,980 children have been affected by the armed conflict. Of them, some 9,691 have been displaced and almost 3,930 children have lost either of their patents. The report stated 1,657 children have lost both their parents, while 671 have been disabled.

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