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Trying to get there

AUG 27 - Alok Nembang’s Kohi…Mero sets a new benchmark for Nepali films through its  innovative approach in filmmaking, though it suffers because of a conventional love story that is stretched to its very end.

The film captures the fun and love lives of Nepali youths, meanwhile taking unusual length to mesmerise the audience with the incredible landscapes of Nepal. Unfortunately for Nembang, this is a film, and not a National Geographic documentary.

The story takes a backseat and wallows in its own confusion while the various actors try something or the other to let the audience know they are watching a film. Abhi (Aryan Sigdel), Ashna (Sanchita Luitel) and Prayash (Subash Thapa) are the best of friends, and as usual movie masala goes, there is a love triangle that is not well-established until midway into the film.

Confused characters, a confused story—all of this leads to a very confused audience. Though this confusion seems to have been used as a centrepiece, one is bound to get distracted in the mayhem of flashbacks and loopholes. The story written by Nembang and Prawin Adhikari is just a fixture to experiment with new techniques in filmmaking.

The film has succeeded in portraying the Nepali urban youth culture as it is, in Abhi’s passion of music and dreams of becoming a rockstar in the lacklustre music industry and in Prayash and Ashna’s wish for living the American dream. Abhi—ambitious, funky and flirtatious—comes close to representing the usual Nepali bachelor, in search of love, friendship and fame while messing with all these things.  

Considering the fact that this is a Nepali film, the choreography and the coordination are unmatched. Throughout the movie, a question crossed my mind time and again, ‘Has the story done injustice to the actors?' For the most part, it has. With the cast giving a good performance, the story could have been much better.

Nembang’s skill is evident in the production and presentation. However, proper editing and a better script would have made the film much better.

Posted on: 2010-08-28 08:49

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