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Inter-country adoption

  • Canada‚Äôs nay to Nepali kids

KATHMANDU, JUN 05 - The trend at the international level is catching on — putting a stop to the adoption of children from Nepal. After Germany, it is now Canada that has called for a blanket ban on adopting Nepali children. The call comes on the heels of reports of extensive cases of abuse, fraudulent documents and false statements about the children’s origin and other related information.

The Canadian Ministry of Immigration announced the ban on Friday. The Canadian authorities suspended adoptions from Nepal over fraud and child trafficking concerns, the immigration ministry said. Nepal’s adoption procedures and practices were hugely criticised by The Hague Conference on Private International Law some four months back. The plenum asked Nepal to suspend international adoption as the procedure was wrong and said there should be overhaul for better protection of children.

 Nepal has changed its domestic laws and bylaws for safer and non-controversial adoption many times but due to improper monitoring and haphazard functioning, the international community has been criticising Nepal’s role where many cases of abuse of children were reported. European nations, particularly Italy, France, Spain, Germany as well as the US and Canada were the major recipients of adopted children from Nepal.  

The Canadian ministry pointed to a report by the Hague Conference on Private International Law that described “strong evidence” of prevalence of fraudulent documents and false statements about children’s origins, age and status as well as whether adoptees or potential adoptees were abandoned.

“We know how disheartening this must be for the parents concerned, but several authoritative sources, such as The Hague Conference and UNICEF, have raised serious concerns about the use of fraudulent documents and the prevalence of child trafficking in Nepal,” said Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

“There are a number of Canadian parents seeking to adopt children from Nepal who are understandably anxious but our priorities remain the best interests of the child and the prevention of child trafficking.”

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